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Convicted and registered sex offender Jeff Epstein’s place, listed in the allegations, is just a stroll through Central Park away from Trump Tower 5th Avenue. It’s a little over a mile away.

Warning: If you have not yet reached the age of majority (adulthood), please do not read this post. In most, but not all places, this is age 18. After the link to Trump attorney Michael Cohen threatening a reporter, the lawsuit-allegations become very graphic-explicit in their descriptions. For age of majority (adult) by location see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Age_of_majority

One news outlet said that the content of the first filing of the allegations was unbelievable. The opposite is true. Those who have followed Trump will almost certainly recognize Trump’s manner in the accusations. It sounds just like the Trump we’ve come to know since 2016. If Trump is innocent of the allegations, the person who wrote them was a good enough…

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