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This chart shows new US citizens. Ted Cruz, like many other Republicans, wants this increased many times over. Too many people is too many people, whether taking jobs from Americans, or destroying the environment from sheer quantity. American has an immigration crisis and it is a legal one.

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The chart, above, shows numbers becoming US citizens. It is a flood without precedent historically; it is environmentally unsustainable and unfair to Americans. Over 1 million people per year is the equivalent of one large city per year. There is no equivalent chart for green cards, but citizenship is generally the next step. H1B is dual intent for a green card and hence citizenship. Ted Cruz has pushed for a 500% increase in H1B visas. Don’t be fooled by lying Ted’s posturing. He, and most Republicans, want an endless flood of migrants. They apparently just want the ones who are rich enough to bribe them.

Senator Ted Cruz has pushed for a 500% increase in H1B visas, which are dual intent, easily lead to a green card and endless chain immigration. There’s no job that an American won’t do to feed their families. There are separate categories for truly talented immigrants. H1B immigrants take jobs from regular educated Americans.

Link: https://youtu.be/LQSD0MPKka8

Don’t be fooled. The Republicans want tons of immigrants:

Illegals can tunnel under a wall, but legal immigrants don’t have to bother to tunnel under:

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, April 5, 2012 San Diego tunnel to smuggle drugs discovered on US-Mexico border

How the H1B Visa Effects American Workers. This is about the impacts on IT workers, but there have long been impacts on the academic world. These immigrant visas have caused the value of education to fall, due to basic market forces – too many of anything makes the value fall. We suspect that it has caused academic quality-standards to fall, as well, for reasons that are beyond the scope of this post, but include inability to speak English which can be understood by students, and undergrad or grad degrees in low tier foreign institutions.
Link: http://youtu.be/2O-zMEchEwM

Non-American born more likely to be employed than American born, according to the latest stats. This is in thousands. The US government has been bringing in approximately one million immigrants per year for decades. Only around 10% are refugees or asylum seekers.


Trump’s mother immigrated to the USA in May of 1930, after the 1929 stock market crash, when unemployment had already risen to around 10%, and a lot of rich people had gone bankrupt, and even committed suicide. The US had no need of Trump’s mother as a domestic (maid) in 1930. Trump’s mother, Mary MacLeod, was not persecuted. She was not banished by the UK like so many Scots were. Born into a huge family, on an island, she was simply one less hungry mouth for Britain to feed during the depression and one more for the USA to feed when there were many hungry American mouths already. What’s more, Trump’s father was made in Germany though born in America to parents who Germany threw out because the father was an apparent draft dodger. Trump’s wife Melania, her sister and parents, immigrated from Slovenia, which is a very lovely and nice European country. They are not needed and they are not needy. There are, and were, lovely Americans who are aspiring models and artists like Melania and her sister. There are even ones who are beautiful but congenitally hunched like Melania. Ones who love to shake Clinton’s hand, too. https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2018/01/13/poster-child-for-faulty-us-immigration-policy-trump-should-be-banished-to-his-maternal-island-in-the-uk-which-once-belonged-to-norway/

Link: http://youtu.be/2O-zMEchEwM