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No this isn’t Trump’s sister, it is him with Norwegian PM Erna Solberg, January 10, 2018 (WH Photo by D. Myles Cullen)

Trump’s mother immigrated to the USA in May of 1930, after the 1929 stock market crash, when unemployment had already risen to around 10%, and a lot of rich people had gone bankrupt. The US had no need of Trump’s mother as a domestic (maid) in 1930. Trump’s mother, Mary MacLeod, was not persecuted. She was not banished by the UK like so many Scots were. Born into a huge family, on an island, she was simply one less hungry mouth for Britain to feed during the depression and one more for the USA to feed when there were many hungry American mouths already. The entire world is now paying the consequences of this failure in US immigration policy.

Trump should be banished back to his maternal home of the British Isle of Lewis, which used to belong to Norway: “Viking raids began … towards the end of the 8th century AD and the Hebrides came under Norse control and settlement during the ensuing decades,….https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Outer_Hebrides#Norse_control

Trump prepares to cut the “red tape” of regulations, December 14, 2017 (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead) NB: Other than cropping it, this photo wasn’t modified. Trump is 6ft 2 in tall.

While the US doesn’t need any more immigrants from anywhere, Haitians are more elegant, and often both shorter and less well-fed than the US President and Norwegian PM, which means that they are easier on the environment:

October 11, 2016 – Meeting the (then) President (Jocelerme Privert) and (then) Prime Minister (Enex Jean-Charles) of Haiti.

Racism Litmus test for Americans: If you would be angry to lose your job to someone from Haiti or India, but not angry to lose your job to someone from Norway or the UK then you are a nut and probably a racist nut (depending on your ethnicity). And, unless, of course, you don’t want your job. If you don’t want your job to go to any immigrant, regardless of race or ethnicity, so that you can continue to work, live, and eat in your own country then you are sane and not a racist for wanting to keep your job. The same is true for housing, scholarships, etc. America is already full. As long as a country has people who are poor, unemployed and homeless, they should not be allowing immigration at all. Plus, more people is more environmental destruction.

By all common-sense logic, Trump is British and possibly he is legally so. This link looks like he is eligible, minus the “good character” bit, whereas another link looks like he would have needed to live 5 years in the UK prior to 1983: https://www.gov.uk/register-british-citizen/born-before-1983-to-british-mother

Why should the US take any more Norwegians? And yet they are still immigrating: According to Reuters (12 Jan 18): “While hundreds of thousands of Norwegians emigrated to the U.S. in the 19th century, just 502 out of a population of 5.3 million people moved there in 2016, down 59 from the previous year, according to Statistics Norway.” https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trump-immigration-norway/thanks-but-no-thanks-norwegians-reject-trumps-immigration-offer-idUSKBN1F11QK 502 is still a lot of people. Are you willing to knock down your house to make room for a large high-rise apartment complex for 502 people? This is happening some places due to excessive immigration (e.g. Switzerland).

If Scandinavia has a good standard of living it is largely because of over a thousand years of banishing its juvenile delinquents-outlaws (vikings) and its surplus population – Trump himself is clearly a product thereof. America was founded largely as a prison colony for Europe’s unwanted – political and religious dissidents, but also the homeless and criminals. Later it became the dumping ground for Europe’s overpopulation, especially prior to reliable birth control. Now, it is a dumping ground for the many around the world who refuse birth control and think it is their human right to have as many kids as they can and dump them on the USA. The US is letting in at least 1 million people per year stay legally, less than 10% of whom are refugees.

If one looks at the areas where the Norman descendants of the Norse-vikings imposed feudalism, there too one tends to find mafia. If one looks in Trump properties (and casinos), there too one has tended to find mobsters – perhaps the reason the FBI doesn’t arrest him? They know where to look for lost mobsters and where to put them under house arrest?

All immigrants need to be given right of return, not just recent immigrants or those from a few select countries. And, the US should reserve the right to (reverse) banish individuals back to one of their indigenous homelands. Banishment is traditional punishment and why people used to worry about foreigners in their mist.

The UK needs to take Trump back and leave him on his maternal island in the Outer Hebrides without airplane or luxury boat. A tiny fishing boat might be ok. Maybe his kinfolk will whip him into line. Dounreay would do. Dounreay has a nice golf course and mansion near the beach and radioactive hot particles which wash upon the beach. If anyone can find out where the Trumps are really from (we suspect the old Russian Empire), he can be returned there, too, but an island with minimal transport is better.

US legal immigrants are at the highest level ever: over 37,000,000 legal immigrants. For decades the US has let stay approximately 1 million legal immigrants per year but less than 10% have been refugees. Compare this to the average of 142,857 people per year who left Ireland during the Great Famine, many but not all of whom migrated to the USA. Lost in the recent immigration debate are not only those persecuted due to ethnicity, but also those who need political and religious asylum, like those who founded America did. If the USA continues to allow immigration, it should be only of the persecuted, along with the spouses of Americans. In recent decades, it appears that the USA lets immigrate everyone but the persecuted and the spouses of Americans must wait in line behind everyone else.

During the entire Irish Great Famine (Great Hunger) from 1845 to 1852, i.e. 7 years, only around 1 million of the Irish, in total, left Ireland, i.e. an average of 142,857 per year. 1 million remained and died. They went not only to the US, but to Canada, Australia, and elsewhere. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Famine_(Ireland)

Recent US immigration cannot be compared to historic immigration. Current US immigration policy is an environmentally and socially unsustainable pyramid scheme, which is unjust.

In fact, Trump is the poster child for America’s disasterous immigration policy. Trump’s mother was allowed to immigrate from the UK in 1930, right after the stock market crash of 1929, when US unemployment was already hovering at around 10% and the rich had lost their money so that more maids – her stated profession- were clearly not needed. She apparently piggy-backed in upon a sister who migrated earlier. His grandfather Trump came to America to extract what he could out of it before going home to Germany a wealthy man to marry a German neighbor. The Trumps have an allergy to marrying Americans, it seems, as is the case for many economic migrants. They aren’t interested in America, only in what they can get out of it, i.e. exploitation. However, Germany realized that grandfather Trump was a draft dodger and sent him and his German wife, who was very pregnant with Trump’s father, back to the USA. Now see what this has done? Why didn’t Germany send grandfather Trump to jail and his father to an orphanage?

Trump and Nikki Haley are living proof of the underbelly of letting in economic migrants, as opposed to the political-religious asylum seekers who founded America. Even legitimate refugees carry a certain risk as there are good and bad in all groups. Meyer Lansky, for instance, was a legitimate refugee from pograms in the Russian Empire and became an infamous mobster leader of Murder, Inc. And, why was Russia never held accountable for these pograms?

Insanely, Affirmative Action/Minority Set Asides aren’t just for those whose ancestors suffered discrimation, which does include much earlier generations of Asian Americans, but new arrivals benefit, such as UN Ambassador Nikki Haley and her parents, and her friend-donor-possible kin Kris Pal Singh. NB that she calls him a family friend and he has claimed kin. He is reportedly from the same village as her father. This appears unbelievable until one considers the idea of family joining, sponsors, which we call “piggy-backing in”, which is how Trump’s mother came. Singh owns Holtec with its cheaply made, yet expensive, high level nuclear waste cans which will probably destroy the country if an operating nuclear reactor-spent fuel pool don’t first. Affirmative Action/Minority contract Set Asides appear to have facilitated Singh gaining near monopoly status of spent nuclear fuel canisters-casks, despite an unacceptable poor quality product. And, he has even refused to provide critically important information about his product to the US government, in the context of a lawsuit on waste storage costs. Because he owns the company privately, information is hard to come by. He was even accused of bribing the TVA for contracts. Bribery and “minority” set-asides. Who can compete? If this was being done by an African American rather than India born and educated Kris P. Singh, at least there would be an element of poetic justice. But, unlike the UK, America’s never done anything bad to India to be punished in this way. Americans are paying for being naive.

Those who complain of this unfair system get quickly accused of racism. Immigration today is totally different from immigration in the past in every way imagineable, including that it is so much easier. Modern communications mean that new immigrants are no longer forced to integrate into society to avoid isolation. People from India and China get to claim “minority” status, even though they are a huge and ever-growing chunk of the world population. Meanwhile, white and black Americans wonder why affirmative action isn’t working as well as it should. It’s clearly because new immigrants are using and abusing it. The timing in the 1960s suggests that this flood of Asian immigrants has been allowed in by sexist racists to undermine affirmative action for women and those Americans whose ancestors were slaves. If affirmative action were restricted to those whose ancestors were persecuted within the USA, then it would be more effective and the flow of Asian immigrants would likely be reduced.

As Martin Luther King pointed out shortly before he was assassinated, (see starting ca 22 min http://youtu.be/RMLyhshxQc8 ), and as is still the case today, after the Civil War the US government favored recently arrived immigrants over black people who have been in America for hundreds of years. Even he failed to mention that this land which was given away was stolen from American Indians.

If the US has room for 1 million per year new permanent residents, and it doesn’t, then it should be for the persecuted and possibly refugees, but certainly not economic or prestige migrants who have a home. If the US government is going to insist on letting in approximately one million immigrants per year, they should be the persecuted and refugees, however.

The United States of America was created by the forgotten type of immigrants who used to be called political and religious asylum seekers (banished or transshipped), many as indentured servants, along with forcibly transshipped slaves, a point which appears to be totally forgotten in immigration discussions, as does the fact that America was occupied already by indigenous peoples. It is worth noting, as well, that many of the banished and transshipped were Gaelic peoples, and much appears to have been ethnic cleansing- genocide. The Highland Clearances, for instance, and the Irish Famine appear to have been ethnic cleansing-genocide by the British government. Trump’s mother was reportedly Gaelic speaking but she wasn’t forced out like earlier generations of Scots and Irish. Trump and his mother’s genetic phenotype appears Germanic.

Contemporary examples of those who need asylum for religious and political reasons, which spring to mind, are Christians in the Middle East and North Africa, Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia, women who are persecuted for wearing western attire, those in trouble for criticizing their government and/or state sanctioned religions. These should be helped and not those migrating for economic or prestige purposes who often wish to bring their lifestyle with them.

There needs to be discussion of why mining and other resource extraction companies, agribusiness, and arms dealers are allowed to create more refugees. Refugees should not be permanent, unless they are of the political-religious or other persecuted asylum-seeking variety. Even then, fairness suggests that consultation take place with the remaining formally recognized American Indian (i.e. Native American) nations. The US has plenty of Americans who are refugees in their own land, especially after the recent storms and fires, as well. Furthermore, these disasters would have been less serious if populations hadn’t been crammed into areas which are inappropriate for housing. These areas are where so many new immigrants have been crammed (California, Houston, etc.).

Is it anti-Irish to wonder why the UK didn’t feed the Irish people rather than ship them out to North America, Australia, and elsewhere? To wonder why the descendants of the Irish of that generation are not welcomed back by Ireland, the pitiful excuse being that Ireland was part of Britain at the time? The area from which they mostly left has remained largely empty, yet Ireland will apparently fill it up with non-Irish. The same can be said of the Scots, banished from their lands by Britain so that there are around 5 times more Scots outside of Scotland as within. They have no right to return, either.

The US has plenty of talented and untalented people, many of whom are unemployed or underemployed. Over the last half century the country has become visibly crowded to the detriment of the environment and quality of life. Prior to this massive influx of mostly economic migrants Americans easily found employment, especially literate ones.

Since that time, Americans have watched in dismay as the jobs which have not gone overseas have gone to less qualified or equally qualified economic migrants from all over the world. Why weren’t they warned before they invested time and money in worthless education?

Via https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Immigration_to_the_United_States
For the 8.8 million people they apparently mean from 1900 to 1910.
The United States admitted more legal immigrants from 1991 to 2000, between ten and eleven million, than in any previous decade… By comparison, the highest previous decade was the 1900s, when 8.8 million people arrived,…. Legal immigration to the U.S. increased from 250,000 in the 1930s, to 2.5 million in the 1950s, to 4.5 million in the 1970s, and to 7.3 million in the 1980s, before resting at about 10 million in the 1990s. Since 2000, legal immigrants to the United States number approximately 1,000,000 per year, of whom about 600,000 are Change of Status who already are in the U.S. Legal immigrants to the United States now are at their highest level ever, at just over 37,000,000 legal immigrants. Illegal immigration may be as high as 1,500,000 per year with a net of at least 700,000 illegal immigrants arriving every year.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Immigration_to_the_United_States


America has also been diverse for a very long time. It has always been more diverse than most have admitted; was more diverse in the late 1800s; more diverse in the early 1900s; and if it wasn’t diverse enough there has been a population dumping from overpopulated countries over the last half century such that there can be no excuse for doubting the fact other than willful blindness. While there is some merit in the idea of immigrant lottery, winning a slot should be a very rare event and all expenses paid so as to give the poor a chance. There is no merit to merit-based immigration because there are plenty of talented people already in the USA. That leaves asylum seekers and refugees, for whom the US probably isn’t doing enough. Permanent immigration should be limited to the persecuted and to spouses of Americans. No more piggy-backing in of family members should be allowed either with the possible exception of care-giving purposes. Foreign students can still be welcomed but return home afterwards.

In the past there was the concept of melting pot. Earlier arrivals tended to be refugees and transportation was difficult and costly, and communications difficult. In stark contrast, less than 10% of legal US immigrants over the last decades have been refugees. The US has admitted so many legal immigrants who already have a home country and just want to immigrate, that Americans find themselves both unemployed and even unable to get entrance papers for their foreign spouses because the entire system is so knotted up due to people who have no need of being in the country that moving the case forward requires a good lawyer and one suspects bribery. Where are Americans supposed to go? Only recent immigrants and those from certain countries have right of return to their indigenous homeland(s). Where are Americans supposed to work? How to pay off the student loans for their degrees? If Americans are lucky enough to find work abroad they are often subject to dual taxation. The USA allows immigrants to steal American jobs and then wants to tax expats too! And, they now want a list of assets apparently to better steal them at a future date. Not surprising then that some people are paying to send back their US passports.

Furthermore, most Americans didn’t get the notification that their jobs could be taken by less qualified, equally qualified, or even better qualified immigrants. Where in the hell are they supposed to go? Look at the American Indians and see. Even those who are lucky enough to have right of return to an ancestral homeland or find another means to immigrate are treated as unwanted immigrants. Unwanted at home; unwanted abroad.

Why do Americans have no right to dream of a better life? Why do Americans have no right to dream of a life that was even as good as their parents? For too long politicians have pandered to idea of “growth machine” and immigration-based machine politics. For over 150 years politicians have seen more immigrants as more votes. And, the more people in a country the less each vote counts. But, why do they now exclude the needy and cater only to those who simply want to go to America?

For purposes of the 8(a) Business Development program, the following individuals are presumed socially disadvantaged (called “presumed groups”):
* Black Americans
* Hispanic Americans
* Native Americans
* Asian Pacific Americans
* Subcontinent Asian American

* https://www.sba.gov/contracting/government-contracting-programs/8a-business-development-program/eligibility-requirements/social-disadvantage-eligibility