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Yevhen Ukolov and Mykhailo Frolikov died defending the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Station from Russia. They died trying to save their town, Ukraine, Europe and the world from nuclear disaster. Now that Russia took control of the nuclear power station, Russia can hold the world hostage.

If the war doesn’t stop, a nuclear meltdown-disaster is almost inevitable. The worldwide long term consequences would be more severe than limited use of nuclear weapons. Ukraine and Europe are still badly impacted by Chernobyl fallout.

The nuclear power station requires power from the grid for running the cooling systems or backup generators which require fuel. The grid is at risk due to the war, and there appear to be fuel shortages. The nuclear workers don’t have food, which will impact their ability to work and reaction time.

The Town of Energodar bids farewell to fallen heroes Yevhen Ukolov and Mykhailo Frolikov, who defended Zaporizhzhya NPP (Mayor’s Office March 7 2022)