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This is not about vax or anti vax,
it is about people’s right to choose.
This is not about politics,
This is about the freedom of the human race.
14 FEBRUARY 2022
All convoys will arrive in Brussels to demand an end to tyrannical rules
This is a peaceful action intended to bring about specific results:
The permanent end to martial law
Never again,

Right to travel freely without interference.
Right to choose your own health decisions.
Right of free speech, never to be infringed.
Right to conduct business freely,
Right to individual sovereignty
Right to maintain our human dignity,
national pride, spiritual beliefs and
cultural traditions.
If you are not a truck drivers, you can support us with prepared meals and necessities.
Maintain a peaceful disposition, no matter how much abuse is administered by authorities

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The west really needs to cancel the mandates not only because it’s the right thing to do, but also because it could be a security threat if the protests make it more difficult for NATO to mobilize, if Russia invades Eastern Europe. Of course, maybe that’s what the French government wants. The French have long been very pro-Communist/pro-Russian. Moscow (USSR) poured a lot of money into the French Communist Party and continues to reap the benefits. Russian aristocrats always loved France and moved there after the Russian revolution. And, Putin’s done a good job at pretending that he supports Christianity, even as Russia is more Muslim than France, and quickly becoming entirely Muslim. Russia is around 14% Muslim; France is 9% Muslim: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2022/01/20/russia-is-predicted-to-be-a-muslim-country-by-2050/. Nonetheless, truckers or no truckers, airplanes can take off and so can missiles, so maybe it won’t impact the defense of Eastern Europe. They should have done this protest a year and a half ago, however.

May God help the Eastern European countries who want to be free and those few Western Europeans and Americans who want to be free.

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