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Asian Indians are beating blacks in South Africa and burning down their “squatter” camps. What are “squatter” camps? It’s slums-homeless camps. After the US Civil War, former slaves, left with nothing, sometimes lived in homeless “squatter” camps, which were attacked by the Ku Klux Klan. These days there are even squatter camps in South Africa occupied by over a million of white people: https://youtu.be/Yvv7sNPx5Ts

Whatever the context, this extrajudicial justice is exactly what the Ku Klux Klan engaged in. Whereas in the United States, white and black Americans arrived together hundreds of years ago, the blacks in South Africa are indigenous to the continent.

This beating and burning out of Black Africans is more evidence of the blatant hypocrisy of Asian-Indians, especially those who came from Africa to the United States and who got minority status meant for Black Americans, and even sometimes have played upon the ignorant naïveté of Americans by pretending to be black. Some have gone as far as lying about their qualifications and experience, as well as lying about their race and ethnicity. Of course, they used to pretend that they were going to return home and build up their country, as was still fashionable to claim, apparently so that universities wouldn’t ask for foreign transcripts, and gave them easy grades. Then, they stayed to take the few academic jobs from Americans, because universities don’t have immigrant H1B visa caps.

After the end of apartheid, the Guptas arrived from India to exploit South Africa. “South Africa Zuma inquiry: Gupta ‘threatened to kill’ over bribe offer” 24 August 2018 https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-45297225. The family is alleged by the Rand Daily Mail to have worked closely with Zuma to secure interests in South Africa’s nuclear energy sector. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gupta_family#Uranium_interests,_Nhlanhla_Nene,_Pravin_Gordhan_and_KPMGZuma was convicted of resisting a court order to testify in a state-backed investigation into allegations of corruption during his nine-year term as president that ended in 2018.“ https://www.voanews.com/africa/72-people-killed-south-african-riots

Asian Indians have manipulated minority status, family networks and a millennia of upper caste privilege to become the highest income ethnic group in the United States. They are neither a minority, nor are they persecuted. Sadly, some of them have made it their mission to push for a racist agenda of caste-like segregation/Apartheid and ethnic conflict. Asian-Indians have poisoned academia with their caste-like race-based segregationist apartheid ideology and now have poisoned the US Congress with a similar ideology. This is especially true since they took so many academic jobs from Americans. While we hope that this is a minority of Asian-Indian Americans, the fact is that it only takes a few bad apples to poison everything. The fact is that each stolen academic job destroys the hopes, dreams, investment and life of an American academic, as well as allowing foreigners to create the ideological discourse. Each stolen professional job has similar consequences. .

And, Asian-Indians continue to hypocritically avail themselves of the minority business status, which was intended to compensate African Americans whose ancestors were enslaved and who suffered under Jim Crow. As new Chinese immigrants are increasingly taking over US academic departments, what will be the impacts? Few seem to care.

Caste-like racism was slowly but surely dying within the United States until the upper caste Asian-Indians increasingly arrived and increasingly stoked division in an apparent divide and conquer scheme of “structural racism” lies which, after decades, is apparently working. White Americans think that Black Americans got all of the jobs under affirmative action-minority contract set-asides, and Black Americans think White Americans took the jobs and wealth. However, both anecdotal and statistical evidence show that it was Asian Indians. Asian Indians are the highest earning ethnic group and the highest income households in the United States.

The Dems even chose a Hindu Brahmin, Kamala Harris, rather than choosing a Black American as VP. Whether or not she has an iota of African blood, she is not African American. By that action, they made clear their disdain for African Americans.

Asian Indians are acting like the Ku Klux Klan. This is exactly the way that whites treated the so-called “squatter camps” of former slaves, who were left with nothing after the US Civil War.

Indians Beating Looters in South Africa

Asian Indians burning down “squatters camps” in South Africa. That’s what the Ku Klux Klan did. Whoever wrote this tweet calls it fighting back!

We heard that it was shop owners in Northdale that burnt the squatter camp down. We heard that they were angry and accused the shack dwellers of looting their shops, in return the shop owners burnt down the squatter camp“. https://www.faceofmalawi.com/2021/07/14/trapped-south-african-woman-throws-toddler-down-from-the-roof-as-building-burn/

Petition to remove racist Gandhi statues: https://racistgandhi.org

Not All Peaceful: 13 Racist Quotes Gandhi Said About Black People” By Nick Chiles – March 31, 2015 https://archive.md/8Dxrl

At the same time that the Guptas arrived to exploit South Africa, some Asian Indians from South Africa arrived in the United States and pretended to be black African – based on eyewitness testimony. Without internet it was more difficult to figure out their scam. With internet it is easier to track South African Hindu Brahmin surnames. The majority, of course, simply benefitted as one of the fake minorities being given affirmative action in the United States.

Whereas the majority of Asian Indians in the United States are from the upper castes, in South Africa there is diversity. Some Asian-Indians came as indentured servants to South Africa many years ago, whereas others came to do business and exploit. India welcomes back its migrants for at least four generations. Both white South Africans and white Americans are denied right of return to Europe, unless their grandparents immigrated, with the exception of some Southern European countries, especially Italy.

In the United States, as of early 2020, the median full-time weekly earnings of White, non-hispanic, men were only 80.5% of earnings of Asian men. The median weekly earnings of White, non-hispanic, women were only 78% of Asian women. In other words, White, non-hispanic, Americans earn only around 80 cents for each dollar that Asians earn. This pay gap is similar to that between men and women, which was 80.4 cents for each dollar in early 2020. As of 2019, Asian-Indian households have the highest median earnings and income of all ethnic groups in the United States. Median annual earnings are $148,019 and income is $114,261.

In the United States, as of early 2020, weekly earnings of Asian men ($1,360) and women ($1,106) were significantly higher than those of their Black, Hispanic, and White counterparts. Median weekly earnings for Black men were $823, or 67.4 percent of the median for Asian men ($1,360). Median earnings for Hispanic men were $763, or 56 percent of the median for Asian men ($1,360). Median average weekly earnings for White [Non-Hispanic] men were 80.5% of the median for Asian men ($1,360). Black women’s median earnings were $742, or 67 percent of Asian women ($1,106). Median earnings for Hispanic women were $678, or 61.3 percent of those for Asian women. Median earnings for White [Non-Hispanic] women were $873 or 78% of those for Asian women. Based on bls.gov statistics. See US Bureau of Labor Statistics, April 21, 2020, TED: “Women had median weekly earnings of $857, or 80.4 percent of men’s earnings, first quarter 2020” APRIL 21, 2020 https://archive.is/05k79

Why Isn’t Ro Khanna Talking About Asian Privilege in the USA, Especially Asian-Indian Privilege?

Asian-Indian American explains how he used the fact that his parents were Asian Indians from Africa (Nigeria) to help pass for black. https://nypost.com/2015/04/12/mindy-kalings-brother-explains-why-he-pretended-to-be-black/
He was born in the United States. However, Asian Indians have come directly from South Africa and pretended to be black – even when asked point blank and they lied about it. Before internet it was difficult to track their upper caste Hindu names. Asian Indians have priority to return to India. Most white South Africans are rejected by their European indigenous homelands (e.g. Netherlands).

In the United States, “MBE is defined as a business which is at least 51% owned, operated and controlled on a daily basis by one or more (in combination) American citizens of the following ethnic minority and/or gender (e.g. woman-owned) and/or military veteran classifications:
* African American
* Asian American
* Hispanic American
* Native American
* Hasidic Jew
* Persons with disabilities
* Other individuals who can prove social and economic disadvantage

Who We Serve
Our clients are U.S. minority business enterprises (MBEs) owned and operated by African Americans, Asian Americans, Hasidic Jews, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, and Pacific Islanders
.” https://www.mbda.gov/who-we-are/overview

Chinese in Africa