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Not only is Kamala Harris an anchor baby, born in 1964 to two foreign students on non-immigrant visas, it appears that her mother may have engaged in violations of immigration law-fraud. Kamala was born when her mother’s student visa had apparently expired, among other things. This raises a two-fold question regarding Kamala’s eligibility to be VP or US President (see references below press release). Kamala’s maternal uncle, Gopalan Balachandran, who lives in India, has a half Mexican daughter, Sharada Balachandran Orihuela, who teaches in Maryland (and was born in Mexico). G. Balachandran, a long-time advisor to India’s ministry of defense, explained to India Today TV (August 12, 2020) that he communicates with Kamala through his daughter due to the possibility of email hacking, etc: https://archive.vn/rNYGx As can be seen, rather than use their caste name of Iyer, the father’s first name is being used as surname.‪ Had this logic been followed with Kamala Iyer Harris, then the VP would be named (ironically) Kamala Donald, since her father is Donald Harris: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2020/09/26/kamala-harris-uncle-brags-about-india-deceiving-the-cia-with-nuclear-weapons-tests-kamala-deceives-biden-about-her-uncles-advisory-role-to-indias-ministry-of-defence

Her Mexican cousin recently (2018) published a book called “Fugitives, Smugglers, and Thieves: Piracy and Personhood in American Literature”, which “explores piracy and illegal trade in American literature as a form of self-representation by colonial subjects facing abjection due to exclusionary citizenship and property laws…”. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fugitives,_Smugglers,_and_Thieves

Press Release from FAIR:
Biden Taps Harris, a Staunch Foe of Immigration Enforcement, to Deal with the Border Crisis He Denies Even Exists, Says FAIR (March 24, 2021, Washington, D.C.) — Taking heat from everyone from the President of Mexico to border state Democrats for the humanitarian, health, and national security border crisis his administration has triggered in just two months, President Biden has thrown one architect of the mess, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas under the bus, and tasked another architect of the mess, Vice President Kamala Harris, with fixing it.

“Today’s move by President Biden is like pulling Inspector Clouseau off the case and replacing him with Lieutenant Drebin,” quipped Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). “Like Secretary Mayorkas, Vice President Harris has a long record of open hostility toward controlling our borders and enforcing our immigration laws.”

* In her questioning of former Acting Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Ron Vitiello, in 2018, then-Senator Harris compared ICE to the KKK, implying that the agency’s enforcement of immigration laws were motivated by racial animus.
* When asked as a presidential candidate in 2019 whether people should be deported for violating U.S. immigration laws, Harris replied, “No, they should not be deported.” She went on to boast that as California’s attorney general, “I issued a directive to the sheriffs of my state that they did not have to comply with detainers.”
* Also, during her own presidential bid, Harris called for what would effectively be the dismantling of ICE. She asserted that it is time to “re-examine” the role of ICE and that we should “probably think about starting from scratch.”

Given the vice president’s track record of encouraging illegal immigration and disparaging immigration enforcement agencies, President Biden’s announcement that she will lead the effort to restore order would be comical if it were not so serious.

“I have asked her, the VP, today, because she is the most qualified person to do it, to lead our efforts with Mexico and the Northern Triangle and the countries that are going to need help in stemming the movement of so many folks, stemming the migration to our southern border,” Biden said, apparently without irony.

“President Biden’s memory may be a bit faulty, but the rest of us remember that we actually had agreements with Mexico and the Northern Triangle countries that were helping us stem mass migration. He tore them up!” Stein charged. “He also halted construction of the border wall and scrapped numerous other policies put in place by his predecessor that discouraged people from abusing our political asylum process and from putting their kids into the hands of criminal cartels that smuggle them across the border. Until President Biden and Vice President Harris are prepared to restore the policies they blew up, the crisis will continue no matter who’s making the photo ops at the border,” concluded Stein.https://www.fairus.org/press-releases/biden-taps-harris-staunch-foe-immigration-enforcement-deal-border-crisis-he-denies (Emphasis added).

Kamala’s parents were on student (temporary) non-immigrant visas, and were subjects of foreign countries (former British colonies of India and Jamaica). This was when the United States still had some semblance of immigration law (pre-1970). Kamala’s mother’s visa appears to have been expired when she was born and she appears to have engaged in a variety of violation of immigration law-fraud. This raises two-fold questions regarding Kamala’s right to be US VP or President, as explained, below.


THIS IS BIG: Legal Expert Claims Kamala Harris Doesn’t Qualify for Vice Presidency – She’ll Have To Be Replaced


This piece is really well-written and comprehensive with lots of original documents. He has other interesting materials on Kamala Harris, as well. “The U.S. Department of Justice and FBI opened an investigation of Kamala Harris’ alien Indian mother for unauthorized work and marriage fraud in 1986 When Kamala Harris’ mother claimed to be a Caucasian on her Indian daughter’s birth certificate, the alien INS scheduled for deportation concealed her nationality as a citizen of India in violation of the 1952 Walter-McCarran Act that controlled alien immigration when she arrived in 1958” BY ERIC JONATHAN BREWER FEBRUARY 12, 2021 Read the article here: https://ejbnews.com/24880/
Two of the many US government documents reproduced and highlighted in the article by Eric Jonathan Brewer, a former Mayor, show that Kamala Harris’ mother’s visa had expired almost two months before her birth and remained expired five days before her birth.

Orihuela is the name of a town in Spain. Most people with this name appear to live in Peru, so Kamala’s cousin’s family may have moved from Peru north to Mexico. People with this surname arrived in Peru as early as the 1600s and as late as the 1900s from Spain. Since it is the name of a town, this name may be ethnic Sephardic Jewish.

Interesting that the founder of the Communist party of Mexico and the first Communist party outside of the USSR was a Hindu Brahmin from India, who married a Stanford graduate: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M._N._Roy