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For those who missed it, Kamala Harris stole a story from a Martin Luther King interview and pretended it was her own. Martin Luther King has been criticized for using the materials of other preachers – something that preachers have always done. One reason preachers always did this was to spend more time visiting and caring for their church members.

However, as Dinesh D’Souza points out, stealing the life-story of someone else is far more criminal. Of course, making things up as you go, as Kamala Harris appears to do, is criminal when it deprives other people of their rights to a job, etc., because the person lied about background and credentials. Like it or not, upper caste Hindus, like Kamala, now have the reputation of making up credentials in the USA. The only person I’ve ever known who admitted to making up credentials on their resume was a Tamil Brahmin, who pretended to be black, in order to curry favor, and looked like fellow Tamil Brahmin Kamala. Only years later, through the internet, did I learn the truth that the person was a Tamil Brahmin. And, Kamala Harris is far worse, and far more dangerous, than I could ever have imagined in a thousand years. And, recall, that Kamala’s family were oppressors for thousands of years. By choice, she follows in their footsteps.

Kamala Harris Is a Lying Plagiarizer Who Just Stole From Martin Luther King” by Dinesh D’Souza
Published January 5, 2021 https://rumble.com/vcgxnd-kamala-harris-is-a-lying-plagiarizer-who-just-stole-from-martin-luther-king.html

At minimum Kamala Harris stole the vice presidency from black Americans whose ancestors were enslaved within the United States.

Furthermore, based on the evidence, which is available, we believe that the US Presidency was stolen from the American people, and that the end game is to shoe-horn in Kamala Harris as President.

Notice that the media and the upper-caste-India-dominated tech industry suppressed the Hunter Biden story until after the election. If Biden is impeached, then Kamala becomes President. We tried to get the Hunter Biden story out, just as we’ve tried to get out the truth about Kamala Harris, but to no avail.

Election fraud is a very serious thing. Out of control immigration means that the labor power of Americans is no longer needed. Now our votes are not needed, if this fraud is allowed to stand. The elderly are very at risk, but working age people are, as well. It’s important to recall that your life matters to God, and hopefully to other people that you love. In the end, it’s only you and God. Nonetheless, for the ruling elites, who just stole the US election through media lies, and other apparent fraud, your life doesn’t matter. In fact, India and China both have over one billion extra people and need our land. The upper caste Hindus are not constrained by Christian ethics, either.

Kamala Harris is so hated, mostly because of all of the crap that she did in California, that it’s not surprising that Trump got more votes from Black Americans than any other Presidential candidate in modern times. The crap she did in California is legion, and we never had a chance to cover it. We chose to focus on the threat that Kamala and her uncle, G. Balachandran, pose to US (and world) security. Kamala represents the marriage of old elite Gettys-Newsoms-Brown, and new India upper caste IT elites. We will allow the reader to consider how her husband, who she married very belatedly in life, fits into this saga.

And, yet, we are supposed to put her on the honor system and we are supposed to trust that she will not clandestinely give our intelligence secrets and technology to India via her uncle? Has everyone’s brains fallen out or what?

Building up India in an attempt to counter China means that the world will have two huge problems. It’s worse than building up Islamic extremists to counter Russia, because the population is so huge and because India is a nuclear weapons state, which hasn’t signed onto nuclear nonproliferation and doesn’t allow inspection of its nuclear defense facilities. Kamala has been an upper caste Hindu of India for thousands of years. She spent much of her life in Canada. Her United States citizenship is from a stupid interpretation of a Constitutional amendment meant to ensure that US slaves had citizenship. A misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment is a big factor in destroying our country. Kamala got her US citizenship through birth to foreign students, as have terrorists. https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2021/01/07/kamala-harris-uncles-webinar-with-india-govt-funded-defence-institute-about-us-elections-us-india-relations-china-iran-etc-december-29-2020/

Bravo for the valiant efforts of Dinesh D’Souza, even though he sometimes misses the mark (or partially so). He points this out: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2020/11/01/kamala-harris-jamaican-ancestress-was-born-to-major-slave-owner-free-woman-who-may-have-been-irish-or-scots/

However, Dinesh fails to point out in the video that Kamala’s Hindu Tamil Brahmin (upper caste) mother had the most influence in her life. Perhaps because he is an India born Christian of Goan descent he has a blind spot on this point. It’s unclear if the blind spot’s because he is non-Hindu, because his roots are in a European enclave, or because he is in denial that immigrants from India have been given positive discrimination to the detriment of both black and white Americans. Goa belonged to Portugal from ca 1500 until 1961, when it was invaded by India.

Kamala’s family was an oppressive elite (Tamil Brahmin Iyer) for thousands of years. While she can’t help that, she can help how she acts. And, her arrogant oppressive attitude shadows everything.

And, bravo to another Christian from India, who bravely stood up against election fraud in Michigan, as did a Hindu named Hima Kolanagereddy who is probably a Reddy, whereas her ex-husband was a Kamma: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kamma_(caste) May more people from India prove their loyalty to the American Republic like these two brave women. May those who want India First, instead of America First, return home to India.

Stealing the story of the descendants of those who were enslaved within the United States is as low as it gets. It’s as bad, or worse, than a white South African pretending to be black.

Kamala Harris was allowed to steal the Vice Presidency from a real African American, and has stolen affirmative action-academic funding and spots from African Americans (ADOS), her entire adulthood.

As an upper caste – upper class Hindu neither Kamala nor her mother would be eligible for affirmative action in India, and yet she is allowed to steal it from African American descendants of slaves (ADOS) in the USA. We believe, in fact, that is why so many people from India were imported to this country (and willingly came). No sooner than the US passed the Civil Rights bill, the US government (spear-headed by Teddy Kennedy) started importing upper caste Hindus en masse, as a new minority group to replace Black Americans, who descended from slaves, and who had just gotten out of Jim Crow persecution. This is what the British did in Jamaica and Guyana, and Kamala’s ancestor was active in this policy of importing people from Ireland, Germany, and then India to more easily deny freed slaves their rights to decent wages or land. This policy has made the country of Guyana politically dysfunctional. Guyana, by the way, is the maternal homeland of “journalist” Joy Reid, who should go fix her mother or father’s country, rather than trying to destroy ours. Joy Reid is another accidental American born to international students. She is of African origin, but her family wasn’t enslaved in the United States.

The only good thing that Kamala Harris and Pelosi have done is to point out how hopelessly evil and corrupt the Demonrat Party has become, and maybe it always was. Ditto for their media propagandists who lie about what is in Congressional bills, and espouse other lies and distortions to help us believe that the Demonrats are good and Trump evil.

And, by the way, Alex Ocasio Cortez (AOC) needs to be reimbursed by King’s Alma Mater of Boston University. It used to be known for its School of Theology, and Boston Personalism. Martin Luther King’s sermon, “A Drum Major Instinct” (based on someone else’s sermon, of course), teaches more about economics than AOC apparently knows. She needs to read it, as does everyone in the Demonrat Party: https://kinginstitute.stanford.edu/king-papers/documents/drum-major-instinct-sermon-delivered-ebenezer-baptist-church

Additionally, Martin Luther King very much earned his title of Dr. King. The doctor of theology, in those days, was of a much higher level than today. Dr. King had a degree in Sociology from Morehouse, and did another degree in Theology from Crozier (STB) and a Masters in Theology (STM) and then the Doctorate (STD) from BU. The doctorate from BU, today, is very close to the STM of King’s day. Since the topic keeps coming up, the proper way for any “doctor” to sign something is MD (medical doctor), JD (law), PhD, etc. The proper way to address someone with these degrees is “Dr.” PhDs spend at least as much time in school as MDs. JDs spend less time. Some PhDs don’t earn their doctorate, for various reasons. But, we’ve heard frightening stories of MDs who appear to have gotten their MDs without earning it, too.

Martin Luther King was very critical of the fact that the United States brought in immigrants and gave them free land after the Civil War, while freeing the slaves and giving them nothing at all. As is still the case today, the immigrants were helped to settle by religious charities.

The last words from the last speech before Martin Luther King was assassinated were from the Battle Hymn of the Republic: Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory Of The Coming Of The Lord: https://youtu.be/zoG5YfYL1IM

The Battle Hymn of the Republic was the song for Northern Troops during the Civil War. Dixie was the song for the south.