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Brad Johnson on Aftermath of Capitol Riot”: https://intelreform.org/2021/01/09/brad-johnson-on-aftermath-of-capital-riot/

The Capitol wasn’t under siege. It was vandalized by protestors. As Brad Johnson points out, Antifa continue to burn and destroy businesses in the Portland and Seattle areas, but the Capitol wasn’t set afire. Antifa and BLM have been vandalizing and causing deaths for months. Apparently some Antifa were present at the Capitol.

This was a cold-blooded murder. They could have used tear gas or rubber bullets. The blood is on the hands of all of the judges who refused to hear the election cases, especially the Supreme Court; the US Congress for refusing to hear the cases; on US Counterintelligence, who apparently did nothing about (alleged) foreign interference; on the media-Big Tech; and on Trump for failing to seize the voting machines.
Man Who Witnessed Ashli Babbitt Shooting Recounts the Tragedy
by Samuel Allegri Jan 8, 2021, Epoch Times, excerpts: “A number of police and Secret Service were saying ‘get back, get down, get out of the way.’.. And as we kind of raced up to grab people and pull them back, they shot her in the neck… It could have been me, but she went in first. It was one of us… Just make sure people know, because this cannot stand anymore. This is wrong. They don’t represent anyone. Not Republican, Democrat, Independent, nobody. And now they’ll just, they’ll kill people… Police, congressmen and women, they don’t care. I mean, they think we’re a joke. $2,000 checks was a joke to them. You know, there’s people filming us, laughing at us as we marched down the street at the Department of Justice. There’s a man in the window laughing at us, filming us. And here it was a joke to them until we got inside… But I mean, we’re at a point now, it can’t be allowed to stand. We have to do something, people have to do something, because this could be you or your kids.” From The Epoch Times https://archive.vn/EaSs6

Trump needs to take action regarding alleged foreign interference in the US elections, but he appears to be all bark and no bite. If anything is planned, even Don Jr. isn’t aware of it. He should have taken action immediately after the elections, when there was still time for a new vote with paper ballots in contested states. To let this election stand with no examination is very dangerous. The best option was a revote with paper ballots and witnesses in the contested states.

And, Covid lockdowns and Big Tech censorship – both expected to get worse if Biden-Harris are allowed to take power – only increases the frustration. Buy an old fashioned radio, if you don’t have one, before they make it impossible by locking you down. A CB radio is a good idea, too.