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The original title was “Vulture” controlled Twitter. However, it’s come to light that a Twitter Exec, who was born in India, had Trump banned. Nonetheless, Twitter is apparently still around 1/3rd owned (and controlled) by Paul Singer-Elliott Management, aka “The Vulture”.

Discussing apparent election fraud doesn’t incite violence, as alleged. The opposite is true. How many have felt forced to protest of late because of censorship by Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube? How many because both the Courts and the Congress refused to hold hearings? The first major censorship clampdown was of the Hunter Biden story which was blocked until too late. Then the apparent election fraud. The Supreme Court was required to listen to the Texas case and yet they refused.

The (overt) censorship started at Twitter when Paul Singer (Elliott Management) took control of Twitter and threatened to fire Jack Dorsey. It started gradually with linking to a variety of alternative sources, progressed to warnings that the truth was false and then to total banning. Paul Singer-Elliott is known as “The Vulture”. That’s an insult to vultures, but it gets the point across. For years Senator Schumer’s brother served as a lawyer for Paul Singer-Elliott. In the period when Elliott Management controlled CNN parent AT&T, AT&T replaced many unionized workers with H1B workers, who are mostly from Kamala’s indigenous homeland of India. https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2020/10/29/vulture-capitalist-paul-singer-elliott-management-behind-twitter-censor-locking-of-ny-post-hunter-biden-articles-2/

Now Trump’s been permanently banned from Twitter, as has anyone worth reading right now.

Kamala’s fellow Tamil Brahmin Home-Boy who is Google CEO has banned Twitter replacement Parler’s App and Apple is threatening to ban Parler’s App.

It turns out that Kamala’s Home-Girl from India banned Trump from Twitter: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2021/01/11/india-born-twitter-exec-gadde-behind-ban-on-trump-was-she-behind-indias-pro-biden-harris-twitter-troll-farm-twitter-loses-2-5-billion-by-banning-trump-helping-gaddes-homies/

Anyone who speaks of election fraud has been increasingly banned from Google owned YouTube. The ban will soon be total, if it’s not already. Before the bans there was an obnoxious message pretending that the Associated Press (AP) certifies elections.

Twitter workers, apparently many (or mostly) foreign workers from Kamala’s indigenous homeland of India, reportedly demanded that Trump be banned. If true, it’s probably because they want to jump the green card line. India’s got over a billion extra people, as does China.

The alleged US Supreme Court and the alleged US Congress refused to hear or examine evidence of election fraud. People are looking for answers. It’s unfair to blame people that they read in search of help or hope. In some places Church is banned and people can’t go outside, allegedly because of Covid-19. However, it increasingly looks like a strategy of dictatorship.

LLinWood @linwood
Twitter came for President Trump today. And for General Flynn & for Sidney Powell. Unless stopped, Twitter will eventually come for you.

Delete your Twitter account. Do it today.

Send Jack a message that his effort to control your speech failed. Your right to free speech comes from God as confirmed in our Constitution.

It does not come from Jack. He cannot control it unless you give him the power to do so.

Strip Jack of all power.https://parler.com/profile/linwood/posts

Donald Trump Jr. @DonaldJTrumpJr
Free Speech Is Under Attack! Censorship is happening like NEVER before! Don’t let them silence us. Sign up at http://DONJR.COM to stay connected!
If I get thrown off my social platforms I’ll let you know my thoughts and where I end up.

Doug Collins’ House Web Site isn’t working.
Doug Collins @RepDougCollins
Don’t be fooled.

Big Tech isn’t shutting down accounts due to “risk”.

They’re trying to control what you READ.

What you THINK.

What you BELIEVE.

They’re after one thing: control.

Because control means power.

Don’t let them win.https://archive.vn/2bPsk

Matt Gaetz @ RepMattGaetz
Outrageous hypocrisy by Democrats:

Just yesterday, Democrats were telling us we were “seditious traitors” and that they were the vanguard of all democracy.

Today, a Democrat member of Congress is saying elected members of Congress should be expelled from the House.” https://parler.com/profile/RepMattGaetz

Twitter employees — many of them foreigners — signed a letter calling for a permanent ban of the US President”. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/01/twitter-employees-signed-letter-calling-permanent-ban-us-president-trump/

Trump Campaign Banned From EMAILING Supporters After Being Suspended By Mail Service Provider”, By Cassandra Fairbanks Published January 8, 2021 at 9:57pm https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/01/trump-campaign-banned-emailing-supporters-suspended-mail-service-provider/


Facebook replacement: https://www.clouthub.com/home

Tucker Carlson’s Opening About Tech Crackdown Is Absolutely Right, But Incredibly Terrifying” Dinesh D’Souza Published January 8, 2021 https://rumble.com/vckaif-tucker-carlsons-opening-about-tech-crackdown-is-absolutely-right-but-incred.html

WATCH: Parler Executive Speaks Out on Big Tech’s Mass Censorship” Dinesh D’Souza Published January 8, 2021. https://rumble.com/vckgh5-watch-parler-executive-speaks-out-on-big-techs-mass-censorship.html

Republican Party Despises Their Votershttps://rumble.com/vcjo4n-tucker-goes-nuclear-republican-party-despises-their-voters.html

Buy an old fashioned radio, if you don’t have one, before they make it impossible by locking you down. A CB radio is a good idea, too.