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Kamala Harris Laughs About Threatening Parents With Jail for Truancy

Link: https://youtu.be/DhJwmIPRmYk

Excerpt from The Guardian: “Kamala Harris laughed about jailing parents over truancy. But it’s not funny” By Nathan Robinson, 31 Jan 2019:
Harris looked at the problem of perpetual truancy and believed she ought to start locking up parents. A humane progressive looks at the problem and asks: why do absences actually occur? Truancy occurs disproportionately among children whose parents are poor and less-educated, and among children who don’t feel safe at school, who have to work or support their families, who have mental and physical health issues, and who are in unstable living situations

Given the social reality, the idea of fining or jailing parents over student absences is both cruel and unwise. It targets the poorest and most desperate parents, and it doesn’t actually address the root causes. Even if it succeeds in reducing truancy rates, it inflicts yet more burdens on the most vulnerable people in society. But it’s not even clear that it succeeds even by its own standard, with research suggesting that “although truancy proceedings can increase a child’s school attendance in the short term, answering to a judge for school absence does not help students graduate from high school or avoid crime”.

What’s striking about Harris’s talk is that she doesn’t seem at all aware of the socioeconomic implications of her policy. She admits that when she proposed jailing parents, members of her staff thought it was a terrible idea.

But she laughs about it. In a 2009 op-ed about her efforts, Harris brags about the reductions in truancy rates she achieved through harsher “accountability” practices, but she doesn’t discuss the potential downsides to a child’s development of putting their parents in jail for up to a year, nor does she think much about who the likely targets of her policy would be… “ See the entire article and references here: “Kamala Harris laughed about jailing parents over truancy. But it’s not funny” By Nathan Robinson “Recently resurfaced videos of Harris defending her decision to lock up parents over truancy are disturbing” Thu 31 Jan 2019 06.00 EST https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/jan/31/kamala-harris-laughed-jailing-parents-truancy

Now, as US Senator, Kamala Harris is also a co-sponsor of the very badly and dangerously written Medicare for All bill. https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2020/02/22/the-all-powerful-secretary-in-bernie-sanders-medicare-for-all-bill-is-a-former-big-pharma-drug-ceo-lobbyist-political-hack/ Among other things, it appears to rob the senior Medicare trust funds and pool them into a general fund for everyone, including illegal aliens. https://www.medicare.gov/about-us/how-is-medicare-funded The result of this dangerously written bill, if passed, will ultimately be seniors losing their Medicare funds, and non-seniors losing their employer provided and private insurance. In the interim, we predict that lots of doctors from Kamala’s indigenous homeland of India will be imported, under the excuse of attempting to keep costs down. They will remain even after Medicare for All fails. Since India born Pramila Jayapal wrote it, this may be the objective. In the end, the US will probably end up like the very high price Swiss system, where everyone of all ages is forced to buy private insurance – no employee insurance and no senior insurance. Their cheapest insurance means that you can’t seek healthcare out of your canton (county). We don’t know if Medicare for All is so badly written by design, or if it is an example of “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”. Such a major revamping of the US medical system should require a commission led by someone who has experience with medical care in Canada and Europe, supported by various US, Canadian, and European experts. When will the Americans stop sending people to Congress who are either too stupid to know that they don’t know everything, and/or are allowing someone else to write these bills? Maybe the US needs to make the US Congress into part-time workers so that they would have less time to write bad laws. However, how to do that when they are making the laws? Maybe elect a group that promises to make them part-time volunteers that show-up only as needed?