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Money needs to be invested in better and safer K-12 public schools, and community colleges. Public higher ed should be next. Most Americans struggle to pay for public colleges-universities, and often find their jobs taken by foreign H1B holders, anyway. Until that is rectified, even public higher ed is only about debt, wasted life, and broken dreams for Americans.

Americans sure as h*ll shouldn’t be stuck with funding private institutions. They exist for the well-to-do and especially for rich foreigners.

Over $7 billion is a dollar for each person on earth. As of 2014, the presidents of 39 private colleges-universities made more than $1 million, with the president of Wilmington University in Delaware receiving $5.4 million. http://archive.vn/A9Y62

Democrats Pelosi and Schumer have refused temporary extensions of expanded unemployment insurance (UI) – whether for a week or months. Rather, they are allowing some Americans to starve by their belligerent efforts to force many matters through, which they have known for months are unacceptable to the Republican Senate and to the average American.

The Democrats bill is over 1800 pages long: HR 6800 https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-bill/6800/text It also includes something about cannabis banking; letting most prisoners out (due to being over 50, under 18, or common ailments); letting illegals work without penalty to their employer or themselves; forcing the census to be quickly processed although it started late; forcing US House apportionment to count non-citizens even though it means citizens will lose their representatives, and legal and illegal immigrants gain them; giving Covid stimulus to non-Americans, and continuing with the unemployment bonus that exceeds earnings of those still working on the frontline. Also, the Jabara-Heyer NO HATE Act, additional immigration matters and much more stuffed in a three trillion dollars bill. See: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2020/08/02/u-s-senators-mcsally-collins-romney-tried-to-get-a-few-months-or-even-a-week-mcsally-extension-of-the-supplemental-unemployment-insurance-but-pelosi-schumer-refused/ Update: It seems that the Census is moving quickly anyway: https://2020census.gov/en/news-events/operational-adjustments-covid-19.html

There is a special $20 million for Howard, which is also private, with a President from Trinidad. He was paid $953,104 per year as of 2014. https://archive.li/xoMs9

There are many historically black public colleges, if they want a special set aside for a historically black college.