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Trump with Chinese President Xi at Mar-a-Lago
February 7, 2020: “This week the State Department has facilitated the transportation of nearly 17.8 tons of donated medical supplies to the Chinese people, including masks, gowns, gauze, respirators, and other vital materials. These donations are a testament to the generosity of the American people.” No, no they aren’t “a testament to the generosity of the American people“. We weren’t asked, anymore than we were asked if we wanted Trump’s mother during the Great Depression, because we would have said NO!

There were already concerns about mask and other hospital equipment shortages at that time. This was over a week after Trump had set up his Coronavirus task force. They are a testimony to a President Trump who hates the USA so much he can’t even stand to marry an American, and quickly divorced the one he felt forced to marry because she was pregnant.

This is almost certainly a testimony to Trump wanting hotels and maybe casinos in China; more trademarks for Ivanka, and maybe more Chinese Bank loans? If charity starts at home, then Trump’s home is China. What do his Falun Dafa/Falun Gong-Epoch Times supporters think of this? Perhaps, however, it’s strictly to destroy the United States at the behest of whoever pulls Trump’s strings.

Trump’s controversial ZTE order came days after the Chinese government provided millions to a Trump Organization-tied project“, by Allan Smith May 15, 2018, 7:02 PM https://www.businessinsider.com/trump-zte-order-after-china-gave-millions-to-trump-organization-tied-project-2018-5

Trump’s Hotels In China Could Be A Conflict For The President-Elect : NPRhttp://web.archive.org/web/20200323154909/https://www.npr.org/2016/11/24/503236237/trumps-hotels-in-china-could-be-a-conflict-for-the-president-elect

And, what’s wrong with porco maledetto Pompeo? Was he promised something? By whom?

TRUMP AND HIS ADMINISTRATION HAVE BLOOD DRIPPING OFF OF THEIR HANDS. HE/HIS ADMIN REFUSED THE EARLY WHO (World Health Org) TESTING KIT AND GAVE AWAY EQUIPMENT, SETTING US UP FOR A MASSACRE – especially a massacre of the most helpless and frail. Calvinist Presbyterian Trump thinks he is predestined to go to heaven, and that it is foreordained, along with his wealth and power, but we have news for him: He will rot in hell.

Maybe Trump can paint Trump China hotel signs with the blood of Americans? And, Ivanka can feature a coronavirus blood painted logo? That would be fitting. Maybe most fitting they can paint Chinese flags in American blood, but, once dried, they would be the wrong shade of red, meaning that a constant outpouring of blood would be required.

How will this giving supplies to China go down with die-hard Trumpsters who are having to sew masks for their kids who work in ER? Probably will be denial, if they even have time to notice. It gives die-hard Trumpsters a new meaning.

February 7, 2020:
This week the State Department has facilitated the transportation of nearly 17.8 tons of donated medical supplies to the Chinese people, including masks, gowns, gauze, respirators, and other vital materials. These donations are a testament to the generosity of the American people.

Today, the United States government is announcing it is prepared to spend up to $100 million in existing funds to assist China and other impacted countries, both directly and through multilateral organizations, to contain and combat the novel coronavirus. This commitment – along with the hundreds of millions generously donated by the American private sector – demonstrates strong U.S. leadership in response to the outbreak.

This assistance only adds to what the United States has done to strengthen health security programs around the world. For the last 20 years, the United States through USAID has invested over one billion dollars to strengthen the capacity of more than 25 countries to prevent, detect, and respond to existing and emerging infectious disease threats. Since 2015, under our commitment to the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA), this support has helped improve surveillance and laboratory systems, risk communication, outbreak response, and address the rising threat of anti-microbial resistance.

The United States is and will remain the world’s most generous donor. We encourage the rest of the world to match our commitment. Working together, we can have a profound impact to contain this growing threat.
Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs
Global Health
Humanitarian Aid
Office of the Spokesperson
The Secretary of State
U.S. Agency for International Development
https://www.state. gov/the-united-states-announces-assistance-to-combat-the-novel-coronavirus/ http://archive.is/Fcob0

Statement from the Press Secretary Regarding the President’s Coronavirus Task Force | The White House, Issued on: January 29, 2020http://archive.is/G3f5h

Warnings Ignored: A Timeline of Trump’s COVID-19 Response
During the critical period between the outbreak in China and the landfall of coronavirus in America, Donald Trump was warned about our general vulnerabilities and the specific actions his administration needed to take to avoid the worst. This is the timeline of how he ignored them.
” by TIM MILLER MARCH 25, 2020 5:11 AM The Bulwark, https://archive.li/UatqQ

We Don’t Have Enough Face Masks
And stockpiling them isn’t a plan

JAMES HAMBLIN 7:00 AM ET, The Atlantic, January 2020: https://archive.li/86DsA

Even as US hospitals complained of shortages and struggles, Trump boasted that the US would soon have a surplus, and be able to provide millions in aid to Italy, France and Spain. He came under fire today over reports that the US provided nearly 18 tons of ventilators and other equipment to China, weeks after the first cases were reported in Washington state“. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/live/2020/mar/30/coronavirus-us-live-updates-donald-trump-deaths-america-new-york-fauci

The US Sent Tons of Medical Supplies to China Even as Senators Warned of Virus Threat Here: Now the Trump administration is begging other countries to send us masks and respirators, by FERNANDA ECHAVARRI
m Reporter, March 29, 2020, Mother Jones: http://web.archive.org/web/20200330042530/https://www.motherjones.com/coronavirus-updates/2020/03/the-us-sent-tons-of-medical-supplies-to-china-even-as-senators-warned-of-virus-threat-here/

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