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Fiona Hill; David Holmes: https://youtu.be/C8XjYjVsDXE

Note that there have been afternoon hearings each day, which we still need to link to, at some point.
Here is the US House schedule: https://www.house.gov/legislative-activity/2019-11-21

Mr. Holmes, a nonpartisan career Foreign Service officer, testified that he was present when Ambassador Gordon Sondland spoke directly with President Trump on July 26—the day after President Trump’s call with Ukrainian President Zelensky.

“Mr. Holmes overheard President Trump asking Ambassador Sondland whether President Zelensky committed to ‘do the investigation’ into the Bidens and the 2016 election, which Trump pressed Zelensky for in his call the previous day. Sondland responded to President Trump stating, ‘Oh yeah, he’s going to do it’ and added that President Zelensky will ‘do anything you ask him to.’ Following the conversation between President Trump and Ambassador Sondland, Mr. Holmes asked Sondland whether it was true that President Trump ‘did not give a [expletive] about Ukraine,’ to which Sondland agreed that Trump did not, and that he only cared about the ‘big stuff’ like ‘this Biden investigation that Giuliani is pushing.’

“Mr. Holmes testified that he felt obligated to come forward to rebut the unfounded claim by the President and his allies that ‘certain senior officials may have been acting without the President’s knowledge in their dealings with Ukraine.’

“We look forward to their public testimony.” 
The testimony of Mr. Holmes can be found here.

Click to access Holmes_FINAL_VERSION_REDACTED.pdf

Key excerpts of Holmes’ testimony can be found here.

Click to access Holmes_transcript_excerpts.pdf


“Dr. Fiona Hill—a respected Russia and Ukraine expert who served as Lt. Col. Vindman’s supervisor—detailed how senior officials at the White House, including National Security Advisor John Bolton, shared her serious concern about efforts prior to the July 25 call to push Ukraine to undertake these politically-motivated investigations, and about her efforts, at Mr. Bolton’s direction, to report this activity to senior White House officials.

“Lt. Col. Vindman and Dr. Hill—two courageous and patriotic Americans—testified despite pressure by the White House to silence their testimony. Their superiors in the White House have declined to cooperate with the inquiry, but transcripts released today show clearly that individuals close to the President were alarmed by a presidential scheme as illicit and corrupt as a ‘drug deal.’”
The testimony of Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman can be found here.

Click to access CPRT-116-IG00-D011.pdf

Key excerpts of Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman’s testimony can be found here.https://intelligence.house.gov/uploadedfiles/20191108_-_vindman_transcript_excerpts_final_-_913864.pdf
The testimony of Dr. Fiona Hill can be found here.

Click to access CPRT-116-IG00-D010.pdf

Key excerpts of Dr. Fiona Hill’s testimony can be found here.

Click to access 20191108_-_hill_transcript_excerpts_-_137591.pdf