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If Democrats win in 2020 it will be because of Democrats and Independents, not because of Republicans. So, Pelosi has no legitimate excuse not to commence impeachment proceedings.

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Based on the Ipsos poll, conducted from May 6-7, 2019 for Thomson Reuters:

Trump has an overall disapproval rating of 55% and approval of only 39%.

63% of US registered Democrats and Independents (combined) want Trump impeached.

73% of registered Democrats want Trump impeached.

45% of Americans surveyed want Trump impeached.

Even 17% of registered Republicans want Trump impeached; while 4% are undecided!

14% of all Americans and 10% of all Registered voters remain undecided. [1]

Democrats control the US House of Representatives, which is responsible for starting the impeachment process.

It is fair to say that between 63% and 73% of voters who Democrats will depend upon to get re-elected, and who can sit home if they so choose, want Trump impeached. A good guess would be that those Independents who tilt Democrat are more likely to be want Trump impeached. So, as many as…

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