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Based on the Ipsos poll, conducted from May 6-7, 2019 for Thomson Reuters:

Trump has an overall disapproval rating of 55% and approval of only 39%.

63% of US registered Democrats and Independents (combined) want Trump impeached.

73% of registered Democrats want Trump impeached.

45% of Americans surveyed want Trump impeached.

Even 17% of registered Republicans want Trump impeached; while 4% are undecided!

14% of all Americans and 10% of all Registered voters remain undecided. [1]

Democrats control the US House of Representatives, which is responsible for starting the impeachment process.

It is fair to say that between 63% and 73% of voters who Democrats will depend upon to get re-elected, and who can sit home if they so choose, want Trump impeached. A good guess would be that those Independents who tilt Democrat are more likely to be want Trump impeached. So, as many as 73%, of likely Democratic voters, want Trump impeached. While this isn’t a great grade in school, it is a very high percentage for US politics.

This raises the question of why the US House, which is majority Democrat, is not moving forward with the impeachment process. What benefit can there be to pander to an obstructionist Republican party!

The impeachment process itself is important, even if the Republican dominated Senate rules against it.

This no longer appears an issue of US House Speaker Pelosi playing modest, since she could easily become interim President, as an outcome, assuming that Pence is impeached or resigns. Gerald Ford, who replaced Nixon, was the Speaker of the House. VP Agnew resigned on October 10, 1973, and August 9, 1974. [2]

So, let’s say it again. Among those likely to vote Democrat, between 63% and 73% want Trump impeached! Overall, 45% of all Americans want Trump impeached. Even 17% of registered Republicans want Trump impeached! 14% of Americans don’t know, which means that they may easily be swayed by additional evidence, which would come forth during the impeachment process. Among registered voters, 10% don’t know if Trump should be impeached. Among registered Republicans, 4% don’t know if Trump should be impeached.

Thus, impeaching Trump is the right thing to do legally, morally, and it is the right thing to do if Democrats intend to win future elections. Part of the right to vote, in the United States, is the right to boycott the vote. Is Pelosi trying to reduce Democratic turnout?

[1] The statistics are based on the Ipsos Poll Conducted for Reuters entitled “Investigation Fatigue” 05.09.2019. See p. 2: https://fingfx.thomsonreuters.com/gfx/mkt/12/165/165/2019%20Reuters%20Tracking%20-%20Investigation%20Fatigue%2005%2009%202019.pdf
[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_presidential_line_of_succession

NB: The following information about impeachment is based on the Reuters poll (see pp. 1-2 for original and original wording). Among 1) All Americans (Total surveyed 1006), 45% want Trump impeached; 14% don’t know; 2) All Registered Voters (Total 841) 45% want Trump impeached; 10% don’t know; 3) Registered Democrats (Total 336), 73% want Trump impeached; 13% don’t know; 4) Registered Republicans (Total 305), 17% want Trump impeached; 4 % don’t know. 5) Registered Independents, 43% want Trump impeached and 15% don’t know.

The 63% comes from 73% x 336 (Tot Dem surveyed) = 245.28 Dem who want Trump Impeached plus (+) 43% x 167 (Tot Independent) = 71.81 Independent voters who want Trump impeached for a total of 317.09 of Democrats and Independents who want Trump impeached. Total Democrats and Total Independents surveyed = 336 plus (+) 167 = 503. 317.09/503 = 63%.

While statistics are based on the Reuters poll, commentary and opinions are our own. If you need this for any purpose, please go to the original link and check the calculations. Although we checked the work, we make no guarantees on this or anything else. There could be a typo or other error. Remember that the original is always the original. The original explains the methodology and what they call “credibility error”, as well.

The point of this post is to show that among those likely to vote Democrat, or sit home, that the majority want Trump impeached. The media has been running with the 45% which applies to all voters. In short, impeachment is the right thing both morally and politically for Democrats.