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Only got one minute into the Nixon movie trailer http://youtu.be/JWRVyaKnGcA before Trump fired the head of the Dept. of Justice, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions. So much for blogger vacation. Unfortunately, Nadler doesn’t become head of the House Judiciary committee until early next year. Maybe this will help Democrats to keep their eye on the ball instead of going off on relatively extraneous issues that do not impact the average American. It will be fun when Jeff Sessions flips against Trump.

Nixon movie trailer: http://youtu.be/JWRVyaKnGcA
The Anthony Hopkins Nixon movie is recommended by Gilbert Weaver Satchell, who has some personal and unique insights into Nixon: http://gilbertweaversatchell.org/

October 20, 1973, 45 years plus 18 days ago: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saturday_Night_Massacre