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This evening in the UK.


New Horizons.jpg

Many thanks to New Horizons  for inviting Radiation Free Lakeland tomorrow evening.

Doors Open at 7.30 for 8.00pm start – free refreshments

For ten years now Radiation Free Lakeland have been flagging up the nuclear industry’s eyewatering use of our most precious resource,  freshwater.  For ten years the main stream media have shied away from the issue preferring to flag up the freshwater use of fracking which is big and very nasty but on a different scale both in time and quantities .

Despite the nuclear industry insisting that the public should not have access to information on fresh water use for reasons of ‘national security’ we now have a body of documentation from (largely blacked out) Freedom of Information requests and research which shows that the nuclear industry’s freshwater use is on a scale second to none.  The nuclear industry’s abuse of fresh water continues long after other industrys’…

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