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                    Calder Abbey and the river Calder just one mile before it enters the Sellafield site

Secret Lake District Waters: “Safeguarding National Security”

“Sellafield has first and last dibs on our precious fresh water”
According to the former National Rivers Authority, now the Environment Agency, Sellafield used 97 MILLION litres of fresh water (25.5 MILLION gallons) a day in 1993.
Compare this with the fracking industry’s shocking water  use : Cuadrilla said that fracking the two wells at Preston New Road, which is now expected to take place in late August or early September, would use up to 32,500 litres of water.
That is shocking.
Beyond shocking is that Sellafield according the former National Rivers Authority used 97 MILLION litres of fresh water EVERY DAY in 1993!
Local nuclear safety campaign group Radiation Free Lakeland were keen to find out what the freshwater situation is today for Sellafield…

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