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Notice that the briefing, below, says that, over a 20 year period from 1940-60, 400,000 people from the Baltic countries were “deported to remote regions of the Soviet Union“, while there was a steady influx of Russian colonists, as well as forced Russification. Then, of course, we know the trick which Russia still plays (e.g. Crimea), arguing that it must invade to protect Russians!

Deporting the population and importing another population has been considered, until recently, ethnic cleansing. Forced Russification is cultural genocide. Today, massive population dumping in Europe and North America masquerades as immigration, and those who oppose get called nastier names than in Soviet times. Another name for forcing out, killing the natives, or simply taking their jobs and leaving them to starve is a colonial settler state. Russia has continued to occupy historic Koenigsberg, calling it Kaliningrad, since World War II.

Imperial Yoke on the Baltic

At the fall 1960 UN General Assembly, [British] Minister of State David Ormsby-Gore cited the plight of “the world’s three newest colonies– Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia”. These countries, under Russian Tsarist imperialism from the 18th Century on emerged as sovereign states in 1918, and later became members of the League of Nations.

Under the terms of the secret protocol of the Molotov-Ribbentrop treaty of 23 August 1939 and the Nazi-Soviet agreement to partition Poland 28 September 1939, the Baltic states were assigned to the USSR sphere of influence. Although they had signed non-aggression pacts with Moscow, these states were invaded in June 1940 and “admitted” to the USSR two months later.

Since their annexation, almost 400,000 Balts have been deported to remote regions of the Soviet Union; over 300,000 have fled to the free world. Those remaining have suffered loss of political rights, economic exploitation, cultural oppression and Russification. Concurrently, Soviet policy has directed a steady influx of Russian colonists into Baltic urban and industrial areas to fill key positions in government and industry. Party and government officials of Baltic origin were appointed only after extensive periods of training in Moscow….” (1961 CIA briefing released to public in 2001. Read the rest below)

https://www.cia. gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP78-03061A000100030015-3.pdf