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Volunteers at Radiation Free Lakeland (nuclear safety campaign group based in Cumbria) have been sending soil and sand samples from West Cumbria’s coastline to the US for testing.  The resulting report doesn’t tell the whole story as funding meant only two isotopes were tested for …even so fully one third of ALL samples tested contain levels of americium and cesium which are dangerous to health.
This has been sent to local and national press and Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth, It has not been published in the press.
Arnie Gundersen former US nuclear regulator has said

I met Marianne back in 2014 when her group hosted me for a series of speeches in the Cumbria region. Some of the samples I took back then were as radioactive as Fukushima. The UK samples contain largely Americium, a manmade transuranic element associated with bomb making. We still need funding to analyze…

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