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2:06 / 10.11.2016
Forbes found link between Donald Trump and criminals from Rostov
Including Raphael Samurgashev.

The Russian version of the Forbes magazine told about connection between the billionaire Donald Trump, and the Rostov criminal circles. According to the magazine’s investigation, residents of Rostov enjoy settling in Miami near so-called Russian Riviera or Small Moscow. And they also live in house, which is built by Trump’s company – three skyscrapers on Sunny Isles Beach.

According to the magazine, the Rostov authority Vladimir Popovyan, famous in narrow circles, and one of representatives of clan of Samurgashevs – Raphael, who, as Forbes wrote, the Rostov media calls a probable leader of a so-called wrestling organized criminal grouping of Rostov-on-Don live there. The former wrestler, who played at the summer Olympic Games of 2000 for team of Armenia on Greco-Roman wrestling and also numerous prize-winner of Russian competitions, “is known not only as trainer, public figure and businessman”. In Rostov-on-Don he controls the oldest market of the city — Nakhchivan, Zolotoy Lev hotel, Trudoviye Rezervy stadium and Russia movie theater, for many years.

According to the register of owners of the real estate of the Miami Dade district, Forbes continued, Popovyan became an owner of apartment with a total area about 184 square meters in the house built by Trump at the address 15901 Collins Ave Unit 1102 in 2013. The amount of transaction constituted $1 170 000. In January, 2014 Popovyan signed a gift agreement with the Trump Casa 1102 LLC company as a result of which the apartment was owned by the latter.

According to government department of corporation of the State of Florida, Trump Casa 1102 LLC was registered several days before it, presumably for the specific transaction. According to data of the same department, president and unique owner of Trump Casa 1102 LLC is Yana Mishiyeva – twenty-seven-year-old resident of Rostov and, presumably, Vladimir Popovyan’s daughter. On the pages in social networks, the girl publishes numerous family photos with parents, on one she congratulated them on anniversary of a silver wedding. The photo pictures Vladimir Popovyan with his spouse Anna Popovyan.

It should be noted that the fact that Rostov criminal leaders live in the Trump’s complex does not look as simple coincidence. Realtors, selling apartments in his houses in Miami are guided almost only by natives of Russia. As a result, Forbes wrote, Sunny Isles became a house not only for Popovyan. Famous swindlers, insurance speculators and even members of mafia slod live there. All – with Russian roots. ”
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” Source: Crime Russia»: https://en.crimerussia.com/criminalauthorities/forbes-found-link-between-donald-trump-and-criminals-form-rostov/ To Russian version: https://crimerussia.com/criminalauthorities/forbes-nashel-svyaz-mezhdu-donaldom-trampom-i-rostovskim-kriminalitetom/

Moscow on the Beach: Russian elite invested nearly $100 million in Trump buildings” By Nathan Layne, Ned Parker, Svetlana Reiter, Stephen Grey and Ryan McNeill, March 17, 2017 http://www.reuters.com/investigates/special-report/usa-trump-property/