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Some or all hearings suddenly postponed this morning after officials arrived in courts:,”Spain’s Supreme Court postpones hearings for members of the Catalan Parliament bureau until November 9” – CatalanNews twitter

Most honest people don’t have that sort of money handy, whether it’s over 6 million euros (over $7 million) for all 20 or each, it’s a lot of money. This means that their property – probably their homes, bank accounts, and anything else – will be seized.

Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy and his party (PP) might not understand that honest people don’t have that sort of money, as the ruling for the PP corruption (aka Guertel-Correa case) trial is set to end on the 10th of November. They are apparently used to corrupt people who would have money hanging around.

The upcoming ruling in the Guertel-Correa/PP corruption case is probably one reason they are hurrying along the Catalan case.

Even if PM Rajoy doesn’t go to jail, many in his party-entourage will. Won’t it be a funny thing if PM Rajoy goes to jail in a week for corruption? However, as with Trump, plenty of damage will have been done already. The arc of the moral universe is long, but sometimes it leads toward justice.

20 senior Catalan officials have been summoned to appear before the courts,….
Defence lawyers have denounced the speed at which the legal process is going, criticizing the fact that the court summons were given with only 24 hours notice, and calling it a violation of fundamental rights
.” They have also been given a mere “three days to pay a bail of 6,207,450 euros [i.e. Over $7 million] … While many of the dismissed ministers have confirmed that they will go to Madrid to appear before the court, including some of those who had accompanied Carles Puigdemont, to Belgium, the dismissed Catalan president and four other ministers have asked to testify from Brussels….” See: “Spain speeds up legal process against dismissed Government and Parliament bureau “Legitimate” government says it is facing a “political trial” , 01 November 2017 08:17 PM by ACN, Barcelona: http://catalannews.com/politics/item/spain-speeds-up-legal-process-against-dismissed-government-and-parliament-bureau

Members of Parliament Bureau summoned to testify before Supreme Court: They confirmed they will testify in Madrid after meeting at parliament on the bank holiday” 01 November 2017 12:52 PM by ACN | Barcelona, http://catalannews.com/politics/item/members-of-parliament-bureau-summoned-to-testify-before-supreme-court

One official summoned was against independence but for the right of people to vote in a referendum to decide.

NYTimes Op Ed by Catalonia’s VP: “Catalonia Will Not Retreat
We must resist Spain’s usurpation
“. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/11/01/opinion/catalonia-independence-spain.html

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