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Sanctions against Russia? What sanctions?
There are some sanctions but they are incomplete, insufficient, and thus flatly, not serious.

Crimea was annexed to Russia in March of 2014 and yet:
US Imports from Russia of Crude oil and petroleum products
The US and Europe also import Russian uranium for nuclear power
EU uranium source by country
US Imports Uranium by Country to 2015
Russia Crude Exports by destination
Russia natural gas exports by destination EIA gov

America and Europe have already largely sold out to Russia in exchange for their oil and gas. Even with the so-called sanctions both have continued to import Russian oil and gas. Europe and the US still import Russian uranium too. There is no notion of sacrifice. In this context sanctions will never work. Americans were expected to do without sugar and many other things to help the World War II war effort. The overheating which Russia has allowed in Europe is actually bad for health, the environment, as well as for independence. Several European countries have more cars per capita than the US even though their cities are not built for cars, and there is good public transport. Russia has pumped millions into Marine LePen’s campaign. She says it’s because French banks won’t lend to her. But, without renewable energy independence, there is no real independence anyway.

America could rely completely on solar, with some wind and hydro. The European climate is less extreme most of the year and so could do a combination of renewables and economizing energy. And, the citizens of sunny countries should be discouraged from emigrating, especially to Europe, and benefit from solar at home (e.g. India, Africa, etc.).
world SolarGIS © 2014 GeoModel Solar
world SolarGIS © 2014 GeoModel Solar
Solar charging electric cars US NREL gov
Solar charging electric cars US NREL gov
There are five to ten times more Scots outside of Scotland, as within: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scottish_diaspora From both an ecological perspective and a fairness perspective, why would Scotland be filled up with non-Scots, when it doesn’t allow its own people the right to return home? The same is true of Ireland. There are an estimated 15 times more people of Irish descent outside of Ireland, as within. Not only do the largest number have no right of return, but many are still forced abroad seeking employment: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irish_diaspora Ireland has a connector to the UK and is working on one to France. Hence, they have lost their independence, and this is probably why they haven’t complained much about proposed new nuclear power stations in the UK and France.
CC-BY-SA-3.0, SolarGIS © 2015 GeoModel Solar
CC-BY-SA-3.0, SolarGIS © 2015 GeoModel Solar
America does, however, risk losing the remains of its Free Speech. France is still in a state of emergency and already in the early 90s lost the right to criticize police and other public officials. The police and officials can sue for defamation! Free speech is not so prevalent in the world and Americans should not continue to take their rights for granted: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2015/01/23/france-muzzles-free-speech-public-debate-frighteningly-it-is-not-alone-in-europe/

French Communications Union (CGT) Poster saying that Police should protect citizens and not hit them. Stop the Violence!
infocomcgt.fr/affiches/item/affiche-la-police-doit-protéger-les-citoyen-et-non-les-frapper Stop the Violence
The leader of French communications union was accused of police defamation over the above poster, despite the fact that the police were abusing peaceful protesters. The status of this case is unknown. infocomcgt.fr/affiches/item/affiche-la-police-doit-protéger-les-citoyen-et-non-les-frapper

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