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Mark L. Miller, one of the major proponents of 100 mSv per year exposure for the American public, which translates into a cancer for almost every American, by conservative estimates, and who dreams of moving people back to Fukushima and Chernobyl, regardless of the exposure level, has solar panels on his own roof! Why is he promoting nuclear for everyone else and solar for himself? This looks remarkably like UK politicians who promote renewables for in or near London and nuclear on the opposite side of the Kingdom!
Radiation is Good for You Advocate Mark Miller House Solar Panels Albuquerque, NM
His mundane house also unveils the boring, mundane nature of evil, and selling one’s soul. Is it worth roasting and toasting in hell for an eternity for this ugly house in a bleak landscape? Or does he have secret property elsewhere?
Mark Miller house solar panels aerial view
Mark Miller Sandia NRC home address

Click to access ML15083A003.pdf

Bleak house, probably of Ed Calabrese of U. Mass Amherst – “International Dose-Response Society”, once again shows the drab nature of evil. Is this all that endless government and corporate grant monies can buy?
Probable house of Ed Calabrese of U Mass Amherst
Note that while there is clear evidence that the solar panel house is Mark Miller’s, the above may not be Ed Calabrese’s.

Calabrese appears a quasi-hidden hand behind these nuclear is good for you lobbyists. The US military, Dept. of Energy, and corporations which have an interest in proving that radiation is good for you, appear to be a quasi-hidden hand behind him. See: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2015/08/22/us-nrc-spreading-the-italian-triangle-of-death-to-america-refuse-omerta-remember-to-comment-by-september-8th/ Calabrese actually presented his views on hormesis to the BEIR committee panel of experts, and they found it unconvincing.

The US NRC proposal (comment deadline extended to November 19th) of 50 to 100 mSv per year of radiation exposure for the general population, http://www.regulations.gov/#!docketDetail;D=NRC-2015-0057 has been revealed by one of its proponents, Mark L. Miller of Lockheed-Martin run Sandia Nuclear lab, to be part of a larger game-plan to use magical thinking, so that governments or utilities can choose whatever radiation level they want to define as safe in order to have Dramatically reduced operating expenses • Dramatically reduced cleanup expenses

His criminal presentation, paid for by the US taxpayer, since he works for Sandia National Lab and it has Sandia logo all over it (under contract to Lockheed Martin), says “Increase Standards by X (pick a number between 10 and 1000“, like it’s a fun game!

Mark Miller envisions people at Fukushima living with exposure levels of 20,000 mSv (i.e. 20 Sv) per year, which is 20,000 times higher than the already high level (1 mSv per year) allowed the general population in most places. He even envisions return to the Chernobyl exclusion zone! Not for himself, apparently, just for everyone else! (The US EPA allows for 0.25 mSv per year). Nope! He has solar panels!

The only comic part is that his presentation calls upon members of the “Health Physics” Society to do themselves out of jobs! He’s at retirement age so it doesn’t really matter to him.

The criminality of Mark Miller, and the rest, is heightened by the fact that they are mostly well past the age when they want everyone else to be dead! The cancers, which they wish to create with the 100 mSv per year, shorten people’s lives by an estimated 14 to 15 years, in about half of the cases.

Half of those signed up on the list supporting the 100 mSv are actually foreigners, or foreign affiliated. Their apparent mantra is Nuke America. The others are former nuclear navy men; current or former US Nuclear Lab workers (mostly Sandia), radiologists and/or have other conflicts of interest (e.g. promoting new nuclear reactors). There may be one or two exceptions. At least 11 are associated with Ed Calabrese via his “International Dose Response” group. Calabrese has pulled in a lot of grant monies from the US military, the US Dept. of Energy, and corporations, such as Exxon, to try to prove that radiation and toxic chemicals are good for you. While they say low dose, there’s nothing low dose about 100 mSv. Carol Marcus, the original petitioner, is affiliated with the VA, (as well as UCLA). This 100 mSv policy would save the Veterans Administration from having to pay veterans injured by radiation. While the 24 supporters of the Marcus petition allege that these are their personal opinions, this is false, because they are using their affiliations as leverage. If they were personal opinions there should be no affiliation listed!

100 mSv over a lifetime leads to an excess cancer rate of 80 per 100 people, above and beyond other causes (it is more than 100 for women). About half will die. Some British and German researchers estimate the rate of cancers and death will be double – in short everyone. According to the US taxpayer funded BEIR 2006 report, in a population of 100,000 people, 100 mSv per year, over an “average” lifetime, means that an estimated 101,900 women cancers per 100,000 and 62,100 men cancers per 100,000 due only to this exposure. This excludes cancers from background radiation, medical exposures, food exposures, environmental build-up, or other sources of cancer. For women, almost half (49%) of these cancers will be life-shortening by 15 years, on average, and 33% of men will die (33,200 per 100,000) approximately 14 years younger than average. (BEIR, p. 312, Table 12D-3; p. 279). Adieu retirement. Retirement will be in heaven or hell. “The risk depends on both sex and age at exposure, with higher risks for females and for those exposed at younger ages.” ( BEIR, p.8) See full BEIR reference at bottom.

Therefore, due to a lifetime of 100 mSv per year ALONE, almost ALL of the population will get cancer or leukemia, of which approximately half will die – on average at or about retirement. If some German and British experts are correct, and the number with cancer and deaths is double this number, then everyone, or almost everyone, will die of life-shortening cancers!

These rates suppose that the radiation is not accumulating in the environment, which it is. This excludes medical exposure and historic exposure. It excludes exposure in food, which the FDA has as sky-high and is a topic in and of itself.

Furthermore,”In the case of in utero exposure (exposure of the fetus during pregnancy), excess cancers can be detected at doses as low as 10 mSv“. (BEIR, p.6) 100 mSv per year over 9 months is 75 mSv. It’s ok with them that there won’t be babies in America for they will simply import people from those many countries who have for so long refused birth control. They too will die, but there are many more to replace them as the population of the world has more than doubled over the last half a century and is still growing. Read about the Middle Ages. After the plagues, wages increased and the value on human life increased, because there was a shortage of workers.

Under Miller’s even more extreme protocol of anything goes, longevity will probably drop much further. His proposals may even lead to Acute Radiation Syndrome and almost immediate death: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acute_radiation_syndrome We will probably be speaking more and more of multiple cancers starting at younger ages and fewer children being born to exposed groups, and more disabled children, leading to the destruction of many cultures and ethnicities. There are more fair and ethical ways of doing birth control. There will be no one to care for the sick and dying.

Mark L. Miller is paid by the US taxpayer as a worker at Sandia National Lab. He is putting hard earned American tax dollars to work to try to kill Americans. He has let the true agenda out of the bag. The true agenda is to make people live in radioactive environments, such as Fukushima and Chernobyl. New nuclear accidents are imminent. This is his quick fix solution, proposed in April of 2011. Frighteningly, he speaks on radiation testing (and has been involved in radiation remediation, according to his Linked-in page). “GPS-COUPLED GAMMA (GPS/GAMMA) SURVEY SYSTEM: DON’T LEAVE HOME[LAND] SECURITY WITHOUT IT! SAND Number: 2012-0628C Mark Miller, CHP, Sandia National Laboratories Chuck Farr, Environmental Restoration Group, Inc. http://www.sandia.gov/about/environment/environmental_management_system/sandia_new_mexico_environmental_management/_assets/documents/GPS-COUPLED%20GAMMA%20.pdf As, or more frighteningly, Carol Marcus says, on Linked-in, she is a “Consultant in emergency medical planning for radiation events,…

The true agenda is revealed below. Miller has a US government lab (Sandia) and US government agency (NNSA) stamped on his presentation, suggesting that he is speaking on behalf of US government opinion. The funny part remains that he is rallying Health Physicists to do themselves out of jobs!

Beware! Miller puts Hitler and Goebbels to shame. But, then, he has to. His plan will kill everyone.

Moving Radiation Protection to a More Science‐Based Foundation: – A Call to Action! Mark L. Miller, p. 1 Sandia-NNSA
On page 4 he says: “• (High LET Radiation to be considered separately)“. This apparently means that dangerous internal (High LET) emitters, ingested in food, as well as radon, will be added as extra exposure on top of the 100 mSv plus. Thus, the 100 mSv appears to be only external radiation. This will quickly bring the cancer rate up to 100% for men.

JUST PICK A NUMBER HE SAYS! WOW! ISN’T THAT FUN! LIKE THE LOTTERY? AND SO “SCIENCE-BASED” OF HIM! Did he invest his retirement in crematoriums or caskets?
Page 8:
Example proposal: Increase Standards by X (pick a number between 10 and 1000)
Benefits • Technically Justifiable cost/benefit (REAL)
• Underscores “little to fear” in public eyes
• Dramatically reduced operating expenses
• Dramatically reduced cleanup expenses

Moving Radiation Protection to a More Science‐Based Foundation: – A Call to Action! Mark L. Miller, p. 8
Page 9: “Real‐World Example: Fukushima Environmental Cleanup Considerations: • 50,000(+) displaced residents
8,000,000 Bq/kg versus 8,000 Bq/kg for Cs‐contaminated soil or ash disposal 5,000,000 Bq/kg versus 5,000 Bq/kg for Cs‐contaminated soil (agriculture, Japan Food Sanitation Law)
• 1000 X less restrictive foodstuff release
• All Environmental Exposure Pathways

Moving Radiation Protection to a More Science‐Based Foundation: – A Call to Action! Mark L. Miller, p. 9
p. 11 : Example: Fukushima
Moving Radiation Protection to a More Science‐Based Foundation: – A Call to Action! Mark L. Miller, p. 11
Note 1 mSv per year up to 1 Sv per year (i.e. 1000 mSv per year!) 20 mSv/y up to 20 Sv/yr (i.e. 20,000 mSv per year) With this 20 Sv, 20 Gy if external, he may be setting some people up for Acute Radiation Syndrome and death: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acute_radiation_syndrome)

See more of his presentation here: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2015/08/18/sandia-us-nuclear-lab-found-quick-easy-solution-for-radiation-at-fukushima-chernobyl-other-contaminated-zones/

Did Mark Miller, Carol Marcus, Mohan Doss et. al. invest their retirement monies in crematoriums perchance?

Those pushing this agenda include foreigners or foreign affiliated (half); currently or formerly affiliated with US military and/or nuclear labs (two from Lockheed Martin run Sandia lab); 11 are known associates of Ed Calabrese and his International Dose-Response Society, which has received government (military and DOE) funding.

Yellow highlight indicates foreign or foreign affiliated. Red boxes indicate Calabrese associates found here:
http://www.researchgate.net/profile/Krzysztof_Fornalski/publication/267265880_French_nuclear_power_plants_and_childhood_leukemia/links/54c759990cf289f0ceccffd5.pdf Red underline indicates military or nuclear lab affiliation. Black underline is apparent or probableconflict of interest. Gold is suspected conflict of interest.
http://pbadupws.nrc.gov/docs/ML1507/ML15075A200 SARI list supporting 100 mSv

Click to access ML15075A200.pdf

Foreign From India, moved to the US via Canada; Radiologist; Calabrese Associate:
Mohan Doss, Fox Chase Cancer Center, USA (mohan.doss@fccc.edu)

US Nuclear Navy Man, until recently pushing his own small modular reactors: Rod Adams, Publisher, Atomic Insights, USA

Foreign, British: Wade Allison, Emeritus Professor of Physics, Oxford University, UK

Calabrese associate: Mervyn D. Cohen, Indiana University School of Medicine, USA

US Nuclear Navy Trained 1969-70:
Leslie Corrice, Publisher: The Hiroshima Syndrome, USA

Foreign, Canada; Calabrese associate:
Jerry Cuttler, Cuttler & Associates, Canada Chris Davey, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia

Foreign Poland, Calabrese associate:
Ludwik Dobrzynski, National Centre for Nuclear Research, Poland

First worked in Hawaii; possibly military: Scott Dube, Morton Plant Hospital, USA

Calabrese associate:
Vincent J. Esposito, University of Pittsburgh, USA

Foreign, German, Calabrese associate:
Ludwig E. Feinendegen, Heinrich-Heine University, Germany

Foreign Poland, Calabrese associate:
Krzysztof Fornalski, Polish Nuclear Society, Poland

Formerly with US Nuclear Labs: Sandia (1973-2000), ORNL, LANL, wrote on plutonium in dogs: “Lymph Transport of Pu 239, PuO2 in Dogs”, Leo S. Gomez, Leo S. Gomez Consulting, USA

Consultant to Nuclear Developer:
Robert Hargraves, Advisor to Flibe Energy September 2011 – Present, Huntsville AL on developing liquid fluoride thorium reactor.

Foreign, Poland:
Marek K. Janiak, Military Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, Poland Andrea Jennetta, Publisher, Fuel Cycle Week, USA

Lockheed Martin Operated Sandia US Nuclear Lab: Jeffrey Mahn, Sandia National Laboratories (Retired), USA

Lockheed Martin Operated Sandia US Nuclear Lab; Calabrese Associate : Mark L. Miller, Sandia National Laboratories, USA

Calabrese associate: Jane M. Orient, Doctors for Disaster Preparedness, USA

Foreign Affiliated – Japan; Calabrese Associate: Charles W. Pennington, Executive Nuclear Energy Consultant, USA and Japan.

Calabrese associate:
Bill Sacks, FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health (Retired), USA

Foreign Affiliated – Korea; Calabrese associate: Charles L. Sanders, Korea Adv. Inst. of Science and Technology, S. Korea (Retired), USA Andrzej

Foreign – Poland: Strupczewski, Chairman of Nuclear Safety Commission, National Center for Nuclear Research, Poland

Foreign Japan: Shizuyo Sutou, Shujitsu University, Japan

Beir VII: Health Risks from Exposure to Low Levels of Ionizing Radiation“, 2006
Summary Notes: LAR includes deaths (mortality) or incidences (morbidity) of cancer that might have occurred without exposure but occurred at a younger age because of the exposure (i.e. risk of untimely death). This life-shortening is about 14 years for men and 15 for women, meaning that there will be no life after retirement. (pp. 277; 279) Weighting for US sex ratio of .97 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_sex_ratio), per 100 mSv, the BEIR report gives a 1.142% chance of cancer or leukemia for the general population. In utero exposure excess cancers may be detected as low as 10 mSv. Around half of these will die of life-shortening cancers. TABLE 12D-3 Lifetime Attributable Risk of Solid Cancer Incidence and Mortality (p. 312) gives cancer and death rates for men and women exposed to 1 mSv per year for a lifetime.
BEIR is available for free online.