It would be interesting to know if Fallon simply doesn’t want a dump in Kent or if there is something else going on with the Porky Pie lies.



Michael Fallon MP, Minister of State for Business and Energy at DECC

has just said in oral evidence to a Lords Select Committee that:

it is “not right a county council should have a veto over a GDR”;

a wider county has no real interest in the siting of a GDR;

that the consultation has already ended on the GDR siting.

All of which is untrue

This is vile pigs swill served up as factoid.

Of course the County Council has a very real “interest” there is NOTHING more important to Cumbria than the Government’s

push to dump existing and future heat generating nuclear waste in a mega mine under Cumbria.

This is of “real interest” not only to Cumbria but also to our neighbours across the Irish Sea and beyond.

The CONsultation is of course a sham but it has NOT ended- due to the Government’s incompetence, and lets…

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