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This is obscene. No mention of geology made here by UK gov. They are only discussing the level of government which should be involved. Also, Fallon says the consultation is over, whereas closure of the consultation was delayed because they lost some of the comments. Yep, lost them. The consultation is still open. The Cumbrian County Council said no, so they are trying to switch levels of government to get the result they want! They want to put the dump under the edge of a lake in a National Park. Most of the land was donated for protection by Beatrix Potter of Peter Rabbit fame. She used the money from her books to buy up land which she entrusted to the UK gov. She also left the National Trust money. She died 70 years ago (22 December 1943).

The Cumbrian County Council is upset that they are being overridden too. See also: http://cumbriatrust.wordpress.com/2013/12/11/they-think-its-all-over/

Her Majesty’s Government plot exposed. If Cumbrians continue to oppose a geological nuclear dump under their beautiful land, Lord O’Neill, celebrated member of the Humanist Society advocates a more “aggressive” approach.

Meanwhile the press keeps schtum and says nothing about this abuse of human rights.

Don’t scare the horses?


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