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As has frequently happened in history, Russia may lose because of poor hygiene/infectious disease: “Units of the of the Russian Federation, which mainly consist of so-called “partially mobilized” citizens, continue to enter the territory of Belarus…. they are forced to live in unsuitable conditions. Mostly in field tents without proper sanitary conditions. Currently, there is a large-scale outbreak of various diseases among these military personnel. These are mostly diseases of the respiratory tract… and infections of the gastrointestinal tract. Currently, the scale of diseases is such that Belarusian doctors are unable to cope with them. The occupiers are forced to urgently send military and mobilized doctors from the Russian Federation to Belarus…. Tensions between the militaries of the two states are also growing in Belarus. Numerous conflict situations are connected with precedents of contemptuous attitude of the Russian military towards Belarusians…” Excerpts from: “Among the Russian “partially mobilized” in Belarus – an outbreak of diseases due to non-compliance with sanitary conditions”, November 6, 2022 https://gur.gov.ua/content/sered-rosiiskykh-chastkovo-mobilizovanykh-u-bilorusi-spalakh-zakhvoriuvan-cherez-nedotrymannia-sanitarnykh-umov.html

Ukraine News: Sunday 6 November 2022

News titles, summaries from https://www.ukrinform.net/block-lastnews
(See links for full articles.)

Civilian car struck with Russian anti-tank shell in Kharkiv region
PHOTOS In the Kharkiv region, a civilian car has been struck with an enemy anti-tank shell. A 45-year-old driver was injured. https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-ato/3609031-civilian-car-struck-with-russian-antitank-shell-in-kharkiv-region.html

President Zelensky: Russian terrorists and their accomplices not to go unpunished
There will be no such thing in the modern world that any of the terrorists or their accomplices will remain unpunished. https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-ato/3609043-president-zelensky-russian-terrorists-and-their-accomplices-not-to-go-unpunished.html

Enemy strikes railway infrastructure between Sumy, Konotop
Russian attacks have caused damage to railway infrastructure between the Sumy region’s Sumy and Konotop. https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-ato/3609028-enemy-strikes-railway-infrastructure-between-sumy-konotop.html

Russian invaders cause damage to 1,100 health facilities in Ukraine
A total of 1,100 health facilities have been damaged in Ukraine since the Russian full-scale invasion started. https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-ato/3609047-russian-invaders-cause-damage-to-1100-health-facilities-in-ukraine.html

Over 2,200 crimes against environment committed by Russia since war started
Over 2,200 crimes against the environment have been committed by Russian invaders since the war started. The damage caused has already exceeded EUR 37.4 billion. https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-economy/3609037-over-2200-crimes-against-environment-committed-by-russia-since-war-started.html

Seventy-two Russian projectiles hit Sumy region’s community, casualties reported
Seventy-two Russian projectiles have struck the Sumy region’s Vorozhba community oiver the past day. One civilian was killed and one injured. https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-ato/3609018-seventytwo-russian-projectiles-hit-sumy-regions-community-casualties-reported.html

Invaders moving reinforcements to Vuhledar area via Mariupol – Andriushchenko
The enemy is sending reinforcements through Mariupol to the area of Vuhledar in the Donetsk region. https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-ato/3609023-invaders-moving-reinforcements-to-vuhledar-area-via-mariupol-andriushchenko.html

Power lines blown up by Russian army may leave Beryslav without electricity until liberation
Russian troops blew up high-voltage power lines in the temporarily occupied city of Beryslav in the Kherson Region, and the city may remain without electricity until its complete deoccupation. https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-ato/3609015-power-lines-blown-up-by-russian-army-may-leave-beryslav-without-electricity-until-liberation.html

Hungary reacts to Putin’s statement about Budapest’s territorial claims to Ukraine
The Hungarian Foreign Ministry has called Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s statement about Budapest’s territorial claims to Ukraine “incorrect.”https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-polytics/3609008-hungary-reacts-to-putins-statement-about-budapests-territorial-claims-to-ukraine.html

Czech foreign minister believes Russian leadership will face tribunal
The top Russian leadership must face a tribunal for their crimes, and the Czech Republic supports the idea of creating such a tribunal. https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-polytics/3608991-czech-foreign-minister-believes-russian-leadership-will-face-tribunal.html

European Commission reveals details of von der Leyen-Zelensky call
The European Commission has disclosed the details of Sunday’s phone call between Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-polytics/3608974-european-commission-reveals-details-of-von-der-leyenzelensky-call.html

Ukrainian aircraft strike enemy positions 18 times on Sunday
Aircraft of Ukraine’s Defense Forces on Sunday launched 18 strikes on Russian invaders, including a position of the enemy’s air defenses. https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-ato/3608966-ukrainian-aircraft-strike-enemy-positions-18-times-on-sunday.html

Ukrainian defenders destroy Russian ammunition depot in Kherson region
Ukrainian defenders have destroyed a warehouse with ammunition of the Russian army in the Kherson region. https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-ato/3608957-ukrainian-defenders-destroy-russian-ammunition-depot-in-kherson-region.html

Kherson, ten other settlements in Kherson region blacked out as Russians damage power line Kherson and ten other settlements in the Kherson region have been left without electricity and water after Russian forces damaged a high-voltage power line. https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-ato/3608953-kherson-ten-other-settlements-in-kherson-region-blacked-out-as-russians-damage-power-line.html

Zelensky, von der Leyen discuss macro-financial assistance to Ukraine for 2023
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in a phone call with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen discussed macro-financial assistance to Ukraine for 2023 and opposition to Iran, which supports Russian aggression against Ukraine. https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-economy/3608943-zelensky-von-der-leyen-discuss-macrofinancial-assistance-to-ukraine-for-2023.html

Russia trying to commit “energy genocide” but Ukraine “will stand” – Podolyak
Mykhailo Podolyak, the adviser to the head of the President’s Office, says Russia is trying to commit “energy genocide”, but Kyiv and Ukraine will stand. https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-polytics/3608905-russia-trying-to-commit-energy-genocide-but-ukraine-will-stand-podolyak.html

Almost 90% of all taxes, fees in 2023 to cover army, security expenditures – PM
The Cabinet of Ministers will direct almost 90% of all taxes and fees paid by citizens and businesses next year to the Army and security needs. The budget deficit is planned to be closed thanks to the support of international partners. https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-economy/3608900-almost-90-of-all-taxes-fees-in-2023-to-cover-army-security-expenditures-pm.html

Outbreak of diseases among mobilized Russians in Belarus – intelligence
Among the recently drafted Russian military servicemen deployed in Belarus, an outbreak of diseases is reported due to non-compliance with sanitary conditions. https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-ato/3608896-outbreak-of-diseases-among-mobilized-russians-in-belarus-intelligence.html

Marines eliminate seven Russian troops, destroy tank, three artillery guns on Sat
Ukraine’s Navy Marines on Saturday, November 5, eliminated seven Russian invaders, as well as destroyed a main battle tank and three artillery guns. https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-ato/3608876-marines-eliminate-seven-russian-troops-destroy-tank-three-artillery-guns-on-sat.html

Kyiv authorities deny mass evacuation rumors
The situation in the capital is under control, and there is currently no reason to consider an emergency evacuation of the capital city’s population of around 3 million. https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-society/3608866-kyiv-authorities-deny-mass-evacuation-rumors.html

Russians damage 1,100 medical facilities across Ukraine – ministry
Since the full-scale invasion, Russian troops have shelled 1,100 Ukrainian medical facilities, and now more than UAH 38 billion is required for their restoration. https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-society/3608859-russians-damage-1100-medical-facilities-across-ukraine-ministry.html

Russia orchestrating protests in Moldova – Interior Ministry
Minister of Internal Affairs of Moldova, Ana Revenco, said that the Russian Federation was behind the anti-government protests ongoing in the country. https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-polytics/3608854-russia-orchestrating-protests-in-moldova-interior-ministry.html

Pope Francis once again calls to pray for peace in Ukraine
Pope Francis reiterated his call on the faithful not to forget Ukraine in their prayers and to pray for the end of the war in this long-suffering country. https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-society/3608846-pope-francis-once-again-calls-to-pray-for-peace-in-ukraine.html

In Ukraine, 20% of nature reserves, 3M hectares of forests affected by war – WWF
A full-scale war has already affected 20% of Ukraine’s nature reserves and 3 million hectares of forests. https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-ato/3608845-in-ukraine-20-of-nature-reserves-3m-hectares-of-forests-affected-by-the-war-wwf.html

Podolyak: Ukraine brings Russia back to reality where criminals are really hurt
Mykhailo Podolyak, Adviser to the Head of the President’s Office, said that Ukraine brought Russia back to reality. https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-polytics/3608825-podolyak-ukraine-brings-russia-back-to-reality-where-criminals-are-really-hurt.html

Podolyak: Ukraine brings Russia back to reality where criminals are really hurt
Mykhailo Podolyak, Adviser to the Head of the President’s Office, said that Ukraine brought Russia back to reality. https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-polytics/3608825-podolyak-ukraine-brings-russia-back-to-reality-where-criminals-are-really-hurt.html

906 people left temporarily occupied regions of Ukraine in past week
A total of 906 people left the temporarily occupied four regions of Ukraine for Zaporizhzhia city over the past week. https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-society/3608822-906-people-left-temporarily-occupied-regions-of-ukraine-in-past-week.html

Russians strike Zaporizhzhia region with missiles
The Russian troops fired missiles at Vilniansk district of Zaporizhzhia region. Nobody was injured. https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-ato/3608813-russians-strike-zaporizhzhia-region-with-missiles.html

Enemy drone shot down in Sumy region
Another enemy drone was shot down in Sumy region. https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-ato/3608800-enemy-drone-shot-down-in-sumy-region.html

Russians hit seven settlements in Donetsk region in past day
The Russian army hit seven settlements in Donetsk region yesterday, killing and injuring civilians. https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-ato/3608793-russians-hit-seven-settlements-in-donetsk-region-in-past-day.html

General Staff shows how Armed Forces protect Ukrainian sky with Gepard guns
The General Staff released photos showing the work of the crews of Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft guns. https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-ato/3608770-general-staff-shows-how-armed-forces-protect-ukrainian-sky-with-gepard-guns.html

Russians struck seven communities in Sumy and Chernihiv regions in past day
Russian troops struck seven communities in Sumy and Chernihiv regions yesterday, using small arms, mortars, drones, and tube artillery. https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-ato/3608750-russians-struck-seven-communities-in-sumy-and-chernihiv-regions-in-past-day.html

Targeted militarization of education, language, culture and other weapons of “Russian peace” in temporarily occupied territories
On November 7, at 2:00 p.m., a panel discussion will be held on the topic: “Targeted militarization of education, language, culture and other weapons of the “Russian peace” in the temporarily occupied territories.”  https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-other_news/3608738-targeted-militarization-of-education-language-culture-and-other-weapons-of-russian-peace-in-temporarily-occupied-territories.html

Zaporizhzhia struck with Russian S-300 missiles last night
Last night Russian troops fired S-300 missiles at the city of Zaporizhzhia. https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-ato/3608728-zaporizhzhia-struck-with-russian-s300-missiles-last-night.html

Russians instructed to break Ukraine Army’s defense in Luhansk region – Haidai
The Russian military leadership has set a task to break the defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Luhansk region. Nevertheless, the Ukrainian military are gradually advancing. https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-ato/3608721-russians-instructed-to-break-ukraine-armys-defense-in-luhansk-region-haidai.html

SSU special forces destroy three Russian IFVs in Kharkiv direction
The members of the Special Operations Center ‘A’ of the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) have destroyed three Russian infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) in the Kharkiv direction. https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-ato/3608695-ssu-special-forces-destroy-three-russian-ifvs-in-kharkiv-direction.html

Ukraine Army eliminates about 75,930 enemy troops
Russia has already lost about 75,930 troops in Ukraine (+490 over the past day).

Two civilians killed, six injured in Russian attacks on Ukraine over past day
On November 5, 2022, two civilians were killed and six injured in Russian attacks on the territory of Ukraine. https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-ato/3608681-two-civilians-killed-six-injured-in-russian-attacks-on-ukraine-over-past-day.html

Russian troops cause over UAH 1.35T of environmental damage to Ukraine
Russia has caused over UAH 1.35 trillion worth of environmental damage to Ukraine since the full-scale war started. https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-economy/3608676-russian-troops-cause-over-uah-135t-of-environmental-damage-to-ukraine.html

Woman injured in Russia’s shelling of Kharkiv region
Last night Russian troops were shelling the Kharkiv region’s communities. A woman was reported injured. https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-ato/3608656-woman-injured-in-russias-shelling-of-kharkiv-region.html

Enemy strikes Mykolaiv region, industrial facility destroyed
Last night an industrial infrastructure facility was destroyed in Russian attacks on the Mykolaiv region. https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-ato/3608652-enemy-strikes-mykolaiv-region-industrial-facility-destroyed.html

Britain, Japan agree to strengthen support for Ukraine
Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has held phone talks with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, agreeing to strengthen support for Ukraine and keep sanctions against Russia. https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-polytics/3608625-britain-japan-agree-to-strengthen-support-for-ukraine.html

Russian forces kill one, injure three residents of Donetsk region in past 24 hours
Russian troops killed one civilian and injured three others in the Donetsk region on November 5. https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-ato/3608622-russian-forces-kill-one-injure-three-residents-of-donetsk-region-in-past-24-hours.html

One killed in Russia’s missile attack on Zaporizhzhia
The enemy attacked Zaporizhzhia last night, destroying the building of a commercial enterprise and killing one person. https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-ato/3608618-one-killed-in-russias-missile-attack-on-zaporizhzhia.html

Russian invaders shell Nikopol district eight times overnight
Russian invaders last night shelled the Nikopol, Marhanets and Myrove communities in the Nikopol district, Dnipropetrovsk region, eight times using MLRS and heavy artillery. https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-ato/3608615-russian-invaders-shell-nikopol-district-eight-times-overnight.html

Ukrainian Armed Forces repel enemy attacks in four regions
The Ukrainian Armed Forces have repelled attacks by Russian invaders outside 14 settlements in Ukraine’s four regions in the past 24 hours. https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-ato/3608611-ukrainian-armed-forces-repel-enemy-attacks-in-four-regions.html

All payments to IDPs should be accelerated as winter nears – Vereshchuk
Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Reintegration of Temporarily Occupied Territories Iryna Vereshchuk has called on the social protection authorities to speed up payments to internally displaced persons as much as possible as winter draws near. https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-society/3608606-all-payments-to-idps-should-be-accelerated-as-winter-nears-vereshchuk.html

Putin’s presence at G20 summit will send wrong signal to global elites – Podolyak
The presence of Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit will send the wrong signal to global political elites. https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-polytics/3608605-putins-presence-at-g20-summit-will-send-wrong-signal-to-global-elites-podolyak.html

Ukrainian aircraft strike enemy stronghold, air defense systems in Kherson region
Over the past 24 hours, Ukrainian defenders have killed 57 Russian invaders in the Southern Buh direction, with Ukrainian aircraft striking enemy positions and concentrations of military equipment. https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-ato/3608603-ukrainian-aircraft-strike-enemy-stronghold-air-defense-systems-in-kherson-region.html

Enemy shells Zaporizhzhia, fire breaks out in residential area
Russian invaders again attacked Zaporizhzhia, and a fire broke out in a residential area of the city. https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-ato/3608602-enemy-shells-zaporizhzhia-fire-breaks-out-in-residential-area.html

We are doing everything to prevent blackout in Kyiv – Klitschko
The capital’s authorities are doing everything they can to ensure that power, heat and communication do not disappear due to Russia’s actions https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-society/3608560-we-are-doing-everything-to-prevent-blackout-in-kyiv-klitschko.html