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As can be seen in the article below, even in the parts held by Russia in 2019, only around a third of residents of the Donbas area have some Russian identity – 12% ethnic Russian and 21% mixed Russian Ukrainian identity. And, 55% want to be in Ukraine. As a point of comparison, 18% of the US population is “Hispanic” and 40% of Texas is “Hispanic”. https://demographics.texas.gov/Resources/Presentations/OSD/2020/2020_10_13_HispanicAustinLeadership.pdf Why media continue to call the Donbas majority ethnic Russian is unfathomable. Maybe they are Russian speakers? If so, by this standard Texas is Mexico, part of Belgium is France, part of Switzerland is Germany, etc. Is everyone who speaks English English? The UK refuses to even give ethnic British Americans citizenship, whose ancestors were deported against their will. The same is true of Ireland. From the vantage of Europe, it would be nice to swap Donbas and Kaliningrad. However, it’s wrong for…

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