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In accordance with the Soviet-Nazi Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact of 23 August 1939, the Red Army invaded Poland on 17 September 1939, after the Nazi invasion on 1 September 1939. On 30 November the Red Army also attacked Finland, in the Winter War of 1939–1940. By autumn 1940, after conquering its portion of Poland, Nazi Germany shared an extensive border with USSR, with whom it remained neutrally bound by their non-aggression pact and trade agreements…https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Army

Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland @PremierRP_en
The Day of the Siberian Deportee takes place every year on the anniversary of the invasion of Poland by Soviet Russia in 1939. #OTD we pay tribute to hundreds of thousands of inhabitants of the occupied lands who were exiled to Siberia by the Soviets.

Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland @PremierRP_en
The Independent Self-Governing Trade Union “#Solidarity” was established #OTD in 1980. Soon the union had almost 10 million members. Until 1989, it also played the role of a mass resistance movement against communist rule in Poland
.” https://twitter.com/PremierRP_en/status/1571091789712588810

representatives of strike centers from across Poland established the Independent Self-governing Trade Union “Solidarity” on 17 September 1980 in Gdańsk. Nearly 10 million people joined the movement. The 16 months of its legal operation were the harbinger of freedom for Poles. It was the only movement of this kind in the entire Eastern Bloc. It issued its own press and organized educational, academic and cultural projects. Unable to control the movement, the communists imposed Martial Law on 13 December 1981…https://ipn.gov.pl/en/news/4490,31-August-1980-the-birth-of-quotSolidarityquot.pdf

Polish PM retweets Ukrainian President Zelenskyy:
Mateusz Morawiecki @MorawieckiM
83 years since the criminal Soviet attack on Poland and 82 years since the Katyn massacre and we know one thing: Russia has returned to its most gruesome past
. https://twitter.com/MorawieckiM/status/1570873026882973698
Володимир Зеленський @ZelenskyyUa Ukraine government official,
16 September 2022
Russia is a terrorist country. I don’t know why the world is slow to recognize it. We liberated Izium. Over 400 graves were found in the forest next to it. How many tortured Ukrainians are there is unknown. How many more of our people must die so that all finally figured it out?