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President Zelensky And First Lady Zelensky’s FULL
Interview With Piers Morgan
Piers Morgan Uncensored, 27 July 2022

Piers Morgan Uncensored presents a world exclusive
interview with President and First Lady of Ukraine
Volodymr Zelensky and Olena Zelenska as Piers
Morgan joins them in Kyiv, Ukraine to discuss the
current state of the nation and how the war is affecting
them and their people.
Piers begins by asking them if the difficulties they have
faced together has made their marriage stronger and
the pair open up about how their relationship with one
another has changed
Piers then asks the President if he thinks Ukraine can
win the war and his response is moving. He adds:
“(Putin) has already shown the world that he can kill us,
but to conquer our people? Impossible.”
Zelensky also tells us how he feels about Boris
Johnson leaving Downing Street, whether he wants a
visit from President Joe Biden and the pair open up
about their feelings about Putin. The President says
“he is enemy number one in this war. The scariest thing
about it is the fact he is sane.” In a powerful speech,
Volodymr concludes “the world allowed this situation to
develop. It allowed such a person to emerge… this
mistake is the responsibility of the whole world
“. https://youtu.be/hGnZWcazZas