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This is after Russia signed an agreement to allow grain to be exported from Black Sea ports.
Enemy attacks Odesa Region with strategic aircraft
26.07.2022 08:28 https://www.ukrinform.net
Russian troops have attacked Odesa Region with strategic aircraft.
The relevant statement was made by Odesa Regional Military Head Serhii Bratchuk on Telegram, an Ukrinform correspondent reports. https://t.me/Bratchuk_Sergey/16204

“The missile attack with strategic aircraft. Details to be reported later,” the report states.

A reminder that, on July 22, 2022, a quadrilateral agreement was signed between Ukraine, Turkey, Russia and the United Nations in Istanbul in order to resume grain and other food exports from Ukrainian ports.

On July 23, 2022, Russian invaders fired Kalibr cruise missiles at Odesa Sea Commercial Port. Two missiles were shot down by the Ukrainian anti-aircraft defense units, and the other two hit the port infrastructure. mkhttps://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-ato/3536880-enemy-attacks-odesa-region-with-strategic-aircrafts.html

Southern Ukraine comes under massive missile attack this morning
26.07.2022 09:02 https://www.ukrinform.net
Russian invaders have launched a massive missile attack on southern Ukraine from the Black Sea this morning.

The relevant statement was made by the South Operational Command on Facebook, an Ukrinform correspondent reports. http://www.facebook.com/okPivden/posts/

“The massive missile attack was launched on southern Ukraine, including with aviation, from the Black Sea. Several air-based missiles were fired,” the report states.

In Odesa Region, Russian missiles hit detached houses in coastal settlements, causing fires. Rescuers are working at the scene. According to the preliminary data, there are no casualties among civilians.

In addition, Russian troops attacked Mykolaiv Region’s port infrastructure.

The enemy also struck Mykolaiv District with the S-300 missile system from the temporarily occupied area of Kherson Region.

According to the South Operational Command, a local car market and other open areas were damaged. Information about the scale of destructions and casualties is yet to be checked.

Zelensky posts video showing Russian strike aftermath in resort town of Zatoka 26.07.2022 12:00 https://www.ukrinform.net

President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine uploaded on social media footage showing the aftermath of the latest Russian shelling in the urban-type settlement of Zatoka on the Black Sea coast in Odesa region.

This is reported by Ukrinform with a reference to the president’s Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/zelenskiy_official
“Morning. An ordinary village of Zatoka. People vacationed and lived there. They just lived here. No military bases, no troops. Russian terrorists simply wanted to shoot,” Zelensky wrote.

He emphasized that every Russian aggressor will be held accountable for the war against Ukraine. “Each one of them. Each ‘liberator’ who is destroying our lives,” the head of state stressed.

In Odesa region, a number of households in coastal villages were hit and caught fire. Rescue teams are working at the scenes of the strikes”.
See embedded instagram video at original: https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-ato/3536997-zelensky-posts-video-showing-russian-strike-aftermath-in-resort-town-of-zatoka.html

Russia unable to seize Odesa from sea due to Ukraine’s anti-ship missiles – UK intelligence 26.07.2022 12:17 https://www.ukrinform.net
Ukraine’s anti-ship capability creates significant problems for the Black Sea fleet of the Russian Federation in the southern direction and makes it impossible to implement Moscow’s plan to seize Odesa from the sea.

The UK Ministry of Defense said this in its latest intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine, Ukrinform reports. https://twitter.com/DefenceHQ/status/1551792523869409283

“Russia almost certainly perceives anti-ship missiles as a key threat which is limiting the effectiveness of their Black Sea Fleet. This has significantly undermined the overall invasion plan, as Russia cannot realistically attempt an amphibious assault to seize Odesa,” the report reads.

The British intelligence added that Russia would continue to prioritise efforts to destroy Ukraine’s anti-ship capability. However, Russia’s targeting processes are highly likely routinely undermined by dated intelligence, poor planning, and a top-down approach to operations.

It is noted that Russian cruise missiles hit Ukraine’s Odesa port. “The Russian MoD claimed to have hit a Ukrainian warship and a stockpile of anti-ship missiles. There is no indication that such targets were at the location the missiles hit,” the report reads.

As reported, on July 23, the Russian forces struck the Odesa port with Kalibr cruise missiles. Two missiles were shot down by Ukrainian air defense forces. Two other missiles hit the port’s infrastructure facilities. iyhttps://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-ato/3537064-russia-unable-to-seize-odesa-from-sea-due-to-ukraines-antiship-missiles-uk-intelligence.html

X-59 and Kh-59 are the same.
Russian invaders fired 18 missiles at Mykolaiv region this morning
26.07.2022 13:18 https://www.ukrinform.net
On the morning of July 26, the Russian invaders fired 18 missiles at Mykolaiv region, including 12 S-300 missiles and 6 Kh-59 missiles from strategic aircraft.

Vitaliy Kim, the head of Mykolaiv Regional Military Administration, said this during a nationwide telethon on Ukrainian TV channels, an Ukrinform correspondent reported.

“In the morning, we had six X-59 missiles from aircraft and 12 S-300 missiles. Not all of them hit the target – some were shot down, some missed. There are no casualties from the strikes that hit critical infrastructure and enterprises,” Kim said.

According to him, the morning strikes hit three sections of a railway bridge, premises of an automobile company and other civilian objects and private houses.

As reported, according to the Operational Command South, the Russian invaders on July 26 launched a massive missile attack on southern Ukraine, including with the use of aviation. iyhttps://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-ato/3537103-russian-invaders-fired-18-missiles-at-mykolaiv-region-this-morning.html

Kirby compares Odesa port strike to Russian attacks on humanitarian shipments in Syria” 26.07.2022 10:19 https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-ato/3536941-kirby-compares-odesa-port-strike-to-russian-attacks-on-humanitarian-shipments-in-syria.html

Ukraine Will Continue to Do Everything to Export Grain, and the Issue of Ship Safety Depends on International Partners who Agreed with the Russian Federation – President Zelenskyy