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Sweden officials voice support for NATO membership as report foresees ongoing Russia crisis: Six out of Sweden’s eight political parties back NATO membership amid new threat from Russia”, May 13, 2022 8:06am EDT By Caitlin McFall, Fox News https://www.foxnews.com/world/sweden-nato-membership-report-russia

Turkey’s Erdogan may try to block their admission: https://www.reuters.com/world/erdogan-says-turkey-not-positive-finland-sweden-joining-nato-2022-05-13/

from Ministry of Defence, Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Deterioration of the security environment – implications for Sweden
Ds 2022:8
Published 13 May 2022
On 16 March 2022, the Government decided to set up a working group to deliberate on the changed security environment following Russia’s aggression1 against Ukraine. Minister for Foreign Affairs Ann Linde led the deliberations. Minister for Defence Peter Hultqvist also took part.

“Deterioration of the security environment – inplications for Sweden, Ds 2022:8 (pdf 1 MB)”

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* All parties represented in the Riksdag took part in the deliberations and were represented by the following members of the Riksdag: Kenneth G Forslund (Social Democratic Party), Hans Wallmark (Moderate Party), Pål Jonson (Moderate Party), Aron Emilsson (Sweden Democrats), Kerstin Lundgren (Centre Party), Håkan Svenneling (Left Party), Mikael Oscarsson (Christian Democrats), Allan Widman (Liberal Party) and Elisabeth Falkhaven (Green Party)”. https://www.government.se/legal-documents/2022/05/ds-20228/

Excerpt from the document:
Statement of opinion – Allan Widman (Liberal Party) and Mikael Oscarsson (Christian Democrats)
As the report makes clear, Sweden’s non-participation in military alliances has lacked credibility in Russia’s eyes. In terms of security policy, Sweden has been considered as being part of the west. On the other hand, Sweden has lacked security guarantees outside NATO. Being in such a no-man’s land has not provided any security, only vulnerability. Ukraine’s fate is, unfortunately, clear proof of this. For this reason, we cannot conclude that non-participation in military alliances has served Sweden well

Click to access deterioration-of-the-security-environment—inplications-for-sweden-002.pdf