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Link to: “Not easy for NATO to trust Biden after ‘catastrophic’ Afghanistan withdrawalhttps://youtu.be/4aZJW0Ncr9E

Nigel Farage: “There’s actually a huge division amongst the west and it comes on two levels: the first is in Europe where Germany has a completely different position on Russia and the Ukraine from Poland, Estonia, the Baltic countries and that is because Germany is almost wholly dependent upon Russian gas” [natural gas and oil-petrol].
So, if Putin shuts down Germany’s gas supply the German car industry closes down overnight, so Germany is really playing softball with this one, while the other countries particularly those that are bordering the Russian Federation are much more nervous and want greater action.

And, in terms of NATO, I’m pleased that the NATO leaders spoke. But please don’t forget this: Since Biden’s catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan, it is not easy for other NATO members – and don’t forget the UK are the second-biggest military member of NATO – it’s not easy for us to trust anything that Biden says.

I would put this to you. There would not be 120,000 Russian troops on the Ukrainian border if Biden had not done that catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan. If Donald Trump was president. So, much of this, it has to be said, is of the US president’s making. And what Putin can see is a west with very real divisions despite those nice words we heard a couple of minutes ago.

The Fox Journalist points out that the UK-US-NATO strategy is to have troops at ready to go not into Ukraine but into Eastern Europe. Also sanctions on Russia – some people say that’s not enough.

Farage reply observations summarized (not transcript), in part:
Sanctions: We can make it difficult but they can turn off the gas supply to Europe; they can close down Germany. The eight and a half thousand (8,500) members would be deployed to eastern Europe. Farage notes that UK and US are unlikely to get involved directly involved after Afghanistan. Rather, providing equipment and troops to help train in Ukraine.

The Fox Journalist points out that we wouldn’t be in this problem if Biden hadn’t green-lighted the Russian pipeline.

Farage points out that ironically, it’s Biden, Merkel, Schroeder who are the ones close with Russia with Schroeder even working for Gazprom.

Blog note: So, neither Germany nor the US can be trusted. They need to be removed from their NATO leadership positions in Enhanced Forward Presence, and elsewhere:

Germany Prefers Big Heavy Powerful Passenger Vehicles Fueled with Russian Crude to Democracy; New Passenger Vehicles Discharge More CO2 Than Any Other EU Country