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Topher – Let’s Go Brandon (feat. @D.Cure & @The Marine Rapper)

Link https://youtu.be/0UKOIR_KqH8

Topher – Let’s Go Brandon (feat. @D.Cure & @The Marine Rapper)[Lyric Video]

Link https://youtu.be/06bhL_HcDbo

These hip-hop artists are speaking to the current socio-political times. If you don’t like the tune, you can mute the video and read the lyrics on the second video.

One lyric could be misconstrued by some people, but our take on it is that Biden himself is a “hired gun” prop who is destroying the USA.

Music and lyrics are a largely ignored part of both social control and social change. Music is an effective means of “teaching”, especially since it can lead to a sort of “trance” state, where the listener may unwittingly absorb ideas (brainwashing). This is why it’s important to give your undivided and critical attention to any music with lyrics (or anything else that you are listening to). We were reminded of this point by a blogger who claims to be a religious conservative but who put up an old pop hedonistic video which borders on obscene – apparently not to criticize it, but as a sort of remembering the (hedonistic) “good old days”. In those days, religious conservatives warned about the lyrics of songs and too many young people and parents ignored the warnings. However, for an older person to still not realize this is mind-boggling. It’s one thing not to be able to really understand the lyrics – which still can poison your brain – and another to have an old MTV video which clarifies things. Prior to going to that post, I was waking up with Ave Maria on my mind. Instead I woke up with the catchy but explicit tune on my mind, even though I stopped it almost immediately. The song imprinted in my mind when it was a pop song playing everywhere, decades ago. While I could sing an endless assortment of religious and non-religious songs, out of laziness I decided to purge my brain with some of these videos. Religious conservatives very brilliantly combatted materialistic (hedonistic) music with religious pop.

These guys are brilliantly speaking out on the state of the nation with their rap music. Plus they purged my brain and made room for Schubert’s Ave Maria, again.

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