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Baton Rouge Louisiana RN Whistleblower on Underreporting of Serious Adverse Effects of Covid Vaccines; Letter to US Senator Johnson:

Dear Senator Johnson,                                                          

I am writing to you to share my concerns as Registered Nurse regarding my observations as follows:

I work in critical care in a large medical center. When SARS-CoV-2 vaccinations began to be administered under Emergency Use Authorization, I expected for hospital staff to receive training regarding serious adverse events and how to report them. This was not done.  Most doctors, midlevel providers, and nurses do not know about VAERS and what is required to be reported. On any given 12-hour shift, I am seeing patients be admitted to the ICU within days or weeks of receiving the vaccines after suffering sudden changes in their health status such as CVA’s, Pulmonary Embolus, DVT’s, myocardial infarctions, sudden cardiac arrests, severe thrombocytopenia, altered mental status, encephalopathy with unknown etiology, and new onset of seizures, for example.

Doctors have been asked if the vaccines could have caused these sudden events and if they should be reported but they consistently deny any connection and none are reported. The underreporting of serious adverse events following these injections is staggering and is causing serious safety signals with these injections to be missed.

Healthcare workers in hospitals who have sincere concerns regarding the safety of the injections are facing hostility and they are being silenced and intimidated. The hospital I work for has mandated the injections for all staff.

They do not wish to see or admit that there is a potential for injury from these injections. Physicians are ridiculing those of us who do not wish to receive the injections and advocate for us to lose our jobs. Those of us who have had Covid and already enjoy a robust immunity are also being forced to take the shots which demonstrates that these mandates have nothing to do with the prevention of infection transmission.

I also have serious concerns that reporting of the vaccination status of patients admitted with Covid is fraudulent. I have seen several instances where a patient was fully vaccinated per the patient’s and family members report, yet the electronic medical record lists the vaccination status as “unknown.” Also, I have seen doctors refuse to allow family members of Covid patients at the end of life to visit unless they are vaccinated. This is not in accordance with the hospital’s visiting policy and is clearly punitive and discriminatory.
https://www.ronjohnson.senate.gov/vaccine-side-effects-and-mandates (There are many other letters on US Senator Johnson’s web site at the link.)

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