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The current owner of the LA Times is South African born and educated ethnic Chinese Patrick Soon-Shiong. His ancestral surname is Huang. During Apartheid, he graduated from the white South African University of Witwatersrand. In the 1970s, Apartheid South Africa, many Chinese people were classified as “honorary whites.” He was apparently an “honorary white”, since he attended the University of Witwatersrand. More recently Chinese South Africans sued to be black, so that they can get affirmative action.

This makes it even more shocking and unseemly, that on Friday, the LA Times carried the offensive and inaccurate headline: “Column: Larry Elder is the Black face of white supremacy. You’ve been warned”, By LA Times columnist Erika D. Smith, Aug. 20, 2021, Los Angeles Times: https://archive.ph/T6k51

If there is any American white supremacy, it’s that of arrogant Governor Newsom and friends (Getty, Pelosi, Brown). Newsom is being supported by the LA Times, it seems.

And, some South African expats, like Soon-Shiong, appear to have brought their apartheid arrogance and segregationist outlook with them. Why isn’t Soon-Shiong building up the country of his birth or ancestors instead of promoting poison and division in the USA? Too bad they can’t be stripped of their residency or citizenship and sent home.

The headline is actually from a quote by BLM activist, Melina Rachel Riemann Abdullah, who is a red diaper baby (child of communist(s) and grandchild of a German Communist. It’s unclear if she’s Jewish passing for black, or if she’s partly black. She’s the one who is quoted as calling Larry Elder “a Black face on white supremacy”, in the article. https://archive.ph/T6k51

If there is any “white supremacy” it’s Gavin Newsom and his family-clique (Getty-Newsom-Pelosi-Brown) who have been destroying California and the USA for generations.

The owner of the LA Times has investment in vaccines, so, of course, he could benefit from a vaccine mandate. A vaccine mandate’s not happening under Larry Elder, if he can stop it. “By the summer of 2021, Soon-Shiong’s T cell-inducing universal COVID-19 vaccine booster shot had reached Phase III trials in his native South Africa, with a stated goal of completely blocking transmission and stemming an endemic tide of COVID-19 variants.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patrick_Soon-Shiong

On February 7, 2018, Tribune Publishing (formerly Tronc Inc.), agreed to sell the Los Angeles Times along with other southern California properties (The San Diego Union-Tribune, Hoy) to billionaire biotech investor Patrick Soon-Shiong.[23][24] This purchase by Soon-Shiong through his Nant Capital investment fund was for $500 million, as well as the assumption of $90 million in pension liabilities.[25][26] The sale to Soon-Shiong closed on June 16, 2018.”https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Los_Angeles_Times#Modern_era

Soon-Shiong married another South African Chinese person: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michele_B._Chan


Melina Abdullah, born Melina Rachel Riemann, and BLM LA cofounder is also quoted in the LA Times as calling Larry Elder “a danger, a clear and present danger.” Sounds like a good reason to support Larry: “Melina Rachel Reimann was born on September 18, 1972 at East Oakland, Oakland, California, U.S.[3] Her father, John Reimann, was “a union organizer and self-proclaimed Trotskyist.” [i.e. a Communist] [3] Her mother is Linda Fowler Blackston and she was raised by Oji “Baba” Blackston. Her paternal grandfather was Günter Reimann (born Hans Steinicke), a German-Jewish Marxist economist and member of the Communist Party of Germany…[4][5][6]. She graduated from Howard University, where she earned a bachelor’s of arts (B.A.) degree in African American Studies.[7] She subsequently earned a master’s degree (M.A.) and doctoral degree (PhD.) in political science from the University of Southern California.[7][8] Reimann changed her surname to Abdullah due to her marriage to filmmaker Phaylen Abdullah and kept the name after their divorce.[9]https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Melina_Abdullah Oakland has a hell of a lot of communists!

The Four Families of California: Newsom, Browns, Pelosis and Gettys

The US Government has a minimum wage of $7.25 and California has a minimum wage of $14.00. Larry Elder has been criticized for saying he doesn’t believe in a minimum wage. However, “Elder also said if elected he has “no intention of getting rid of the minimum wage.” On top of that, even if Elder really, really wanted to do something about the minimum wage, he’d have no authority to eliminate it as governor and any such proposal would be non-starter in the Legislature, even among Republicans.” Excerpted from: The Los Angeles Daily News: OPINION • Editorial “The overreaction to Elder’s wage stance” By THE EDITORIAL BOARD August 13, 2021 at 9:53 a.m. https://archive.ph/1p4h5
While we support minimum wage, Newsom must go. If Cali doesn’t remove him then they need to Cal-exit and take Pelosi and Kamala with them.

Interestingly: “LA Times columnist urges Dianne Feinstein to resign: Columnist wants Newsom to appoint ‘Black or Latino’ senator” By Joseph A. Wulfsohn | Fox News “Los Angeles Times columnist Erika Smith is urging Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., to resign so that California Gov. Gavin Newsom can appoint a “Black or Latino” Democrat in her placehttps://www.foxnews.com/media/la-times-columnist-urges-dianne-feinstein-to-resign-so-newsom-can-appoint-black-or-latino-senator

Chinese South Africans were often “honorary white” in the 1970s under Apartheid, when it was beneficial to be white, but more recently demanded to be classified as black so that they could get affirmative action. See: “South Africa: Chinese Reclassified As Black – Must Read” By Editorial_Staff Apr 8, 2014 http://www.africanglobe.net/africa/south-africa-chinese-reclassified-black-read/