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They should telephone or have the property manager contact people and not just show up on people’s doorsteps, and yet they are doing just that in various places across the United States.

Remember that North Carolina is home to the Baric lab, which has engaged in gain of function coronavirus research and which has partnered with the Wuhan Virology Institute (WIV). Because of patents, Baric and the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill may make some money from the vaccines. Additionally, the COVID-19 could have been designed at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill:

US NIAID Funded Baric-Shi “Gain of Function” Research Featured in Fauci FOIA Emails Built Upon Mouse “Gain of Function” Virus Created By the NIAID, the CDC and UNC-Chapel Hill; Fauci Head of NIAID Since 1983

The Fauci/COVID-19 Dossier: Exposes Fauci-Baric et al.; Commercial Actors (Over 5100 Patents-Patent Applications Related to SARS Coronavirus)

These door to door vaccine pushers in LA (Los Angeles or Louisiana?) do not appear to know much English: https://twitter.com/salty_sundays/status/1415004382098300929

If you are a home-property owner then put up your “No Trespassing Signs”, unless you want a vaccine: https://freesvg.org/notrespassingsign You may want to investigate the trespassing laws for your state. If you aren’t a property owner and don’t want to be exposed to germs or harassed, then don’t answer the door. If they keep knocking tell them to go away. If they leave a flyer then dispose of it and clean your hands. If you have the opportunity you can tell them to take their flyer with them. If you don’t have a fence and gate and/or are not a property owner, you may want to install a door peep hole, if you don’t have one and if you can’t look out in another way (e.g window or camera).

The video is of Southside Homes Public Housing Complex. If you own your own home you may be able to keep them away with a “No Trespassing Sign”, if they even read English.

It’s not confrontational’, Mecklenburg County health leaders deliver COVID-19 shots right to doorsteps: Mecklenburg County kicked off its “doses to doors” initiative on Monday, making getting a COVID-19 vaccine quick and easy”. Author: Chloe Leshner (WCNC) Published: 4:52 PM EDT July 12, 2021
Updated: 5:22 PM EDT July 12, 2021 https://archive.md/ZsmaM

Door-to-door vaccines launch in Mecklenburg County https://youtu.be/gvfXtuXCQRQ

Related Health Dept. Links: https://www.mecknc.gov/news/Pages/ONE-Charlotte-Health-Alliance-to-Provide-COVID-19-Vaccines-Through-Mobile-Health-Units.aspx

Many seniors, and others, are still reducing their activities to reduce exposure. So, even apart from privacy concerns, why are volunteers allowed to go door-to-door during a pandemic and potentially expose the seniors, and others, to Covid-19, the Delta variant or some other contagious disease? Why aren’t they calling by phone, dropping leaflets, and/or having the site manager call people instead?

This may intentionally or unintentionally be a repeat of sending Covid positive people to the nursing homes, where many were killed as a result.

Covid-19 vaccination may not provide sterilizing immunity, especially to new variants. Without sterilizing immunity, the person who is vaccinated can still get infected but would have fewer or no symptoms. So, hypothetically and logically, they could be silent disease carriers like Typhoid Mary. This is presumably the rationale behind wearing masks even after vaccination – something that no one has bothered to explain. Generally speaking, asymptomatic people can carry disease – if not disease wouldn’t spread so readily within populations. Those with symptomatic disease would have higher germ loads, but be less likely to be in the public.

A Covid-19 test only shows if you have caught the disease and are positive. There is going to be a window between when you caught the disease and are positive, when you could be contagious. For this reason, Covid-19 tests appear worthless, apart from knowing to treat the disease early.

According to Bulletin of the World Health Organization Volume 86, Number 2, February 2008, 81-160, “Vaccination greatly reduces disease, disability, death and inequity worldwide<“ by FE Andre et al.:
Disease may occur in previously vaccinated individuals. Such breakthroughs are either primary – due to vaccine failure – or secondary. In such cases, the disease is usually milder than in the non-vaccinated…

Many vaccines are primarily intended to prevent disease and do not necessarily protect against infection. Some vaccines protect against infection as well…. Such protection is referred to as “sterilizing immunity”. Sterilizing immunity may wane in the long term, but protection against disease usually persists because immune memory minimizes the consequences of infection.” https://archive.md/YmcAO

Along with privacy concerns, the door-to-door vaccine brigades could spread Covid-19 throughout the community like the flagellants helped spread the plague from town to town in the Middle Ages. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flagellant#Spread_in_the_14th_century

HT: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/07/goons-loose-bidens-jab-patrol-spotted-going-door-door-now-offering-shots-spot-video/