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Dr. Christian Sanon has been accused of being implicated in the assassination of Haitian President Moise. For that reason, people have turned to this old video where he discusses the topic of mining and oil and gas: “Dr. Christian Sanon on Corruption in Politicshttps://youtu.be/jcTJy5TUQ0w These were topics that this blog discussed early on.

Eight years ago, this blog was still named “Haiti Mining Awareness”. The original objective of the blog was to make three posts about three mining companies in Haiti. For those who lack the time or inclination to scan through our original post entitled “Thorium and Uranium Mining in Haiti?”, we are posting part of the intro and the conclusion. At the time, the blog ran as a rolling blog, all on one page. So, the post has about 30 entries, which cover various aspects of mining in Haiti and the dangers of ionizing radiation. These include history of mining, geology, and the various mining laws and contracts over the course of many years. Much is based upon original translations from French documents. A good approach then is to scan through and/or do a search on page to find the topics of interest to you: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2013/05/16/thorium-and-uranium-mining-in-haiti/

From the intro on May 16, 2013:

Here and there on the internet one can find people saying that there is uranium in Haiti.  Is it true?  It seems like it is.  The real question appears to be if the uranium is a minor low-grade byproduct of other mining, or if it is a primary product to be mined.  Why then does no one want to officially recognize it as being there?  Former President Aristide has claimed that there is uranium in Haiti.  One would think that he should know.  But where is the documentation?

From the end of the meandering post:
Friday, 19 July 2013


Finally we come to the end.  And, still, dear reader, we do not definitively know the answer to our initial question.  We believe that there was and/or is low level uranium and thorium, which would be a byproduct of historic, current, and possibly proposed mining.  

Mining exploration and mining is not new to Haiti, and has been ongoing almost constantly for over 520 years.  Uranium and thorium could even have been mined in Haiti hundreds of years ago, or more recently, for pottery dye.

Advantage has been taken of our collective short-term memory to recycle the idea of mining as “new”.  There is also the possibility that Haiti has been used to dispose of radioactive waste offshore, in old mines, in sinkholes or caves, or by other disposal methods, such as deep borehole disposal and deep-well injection — all of which could masquerade as mining or exploration (whether for oil and gas or minerals). Historically, waste is known to have been sold to Haiti as “fertilizer”. In West Chicago they have radioactive “Mount Thorium” and in Italy a pile of toxic waste, almost as high as Mount Etna, so there could be piles of radioactive waste in Haiti.  Mining wastes, radioactive or not, may have been included in road and housing construction, as well.    

A major “dirty little secret” of mining is the presence of at least some uranium and thorium in much, and perhaps most, mining, as a byproduct.  It is generally believed that there is no safe level of ionizing radiation.  The primary risks are cancers, and genetic mutations for the individual and offspring.  In general, the risks increase linearly with exposure.  Means of exposure include radioactive dust, water and food.  Contrary to what we have been told uranium and possibly thorium can penetrate skin….

During the Cold War, the US government or private companies could have secretly mined uranium and thorium as primary products or secondary byproducts.  Mining companies and/or organized crime are the most likely candidates for secretive mining of uranium since the end of the Cold War.  

We believe that organized crime was involved in illegal mining during the “coup years”.  And, it is possible that they were involved in mining during the Duvalier and post-Duvalier years, as well as currently.  So many were killed during the Duvalier, post-Duvalier and coup years that it would be difficult to have witnesses.  So many have died recently due to cholera.  As well, organized crime could have disposed of radioactive or other toxic waste in Haiti, like they have in Italy and Africa.

While there is no evidence, the weirdness surrounding First City Development Haiti (FCDH) – old SEDREN mine reminds us of Italy’s Miniera Pasquasia, where the mafia is believed to have hidden radioactive wastes.  

Organized crime is documented as having existed historically in Haiti for gambling and drug transshipments.  Currently it is believed to be present for drug transshipments.  They could well have been/be involved in other activities, either with or without governmental consent.  We have demonstrated that illegal disposal of radioactive waste could be very lucrative.  

Why are we unable to answer whether or not there was or still is uranium or thorium in Haiti?  Lack of transparency by mining companies, but more importantly, lack of transparency and apparent corruption of most past governments, and we believe of the current government in Haiti.  Until the most popular party in Haiti is allowed to field candidates, and assuming that these are willing to really openly examine the mining issue, we will be unable to know the truth.  Lack of transparency in the current government over the mining issue, and unwillingness to address, or even recognize, the concerns and proposals of the Senate, regarding mining, are ample evidence to us that this government is hiding something, is anti-democratic and is unconcerned with the well-being of the people of Haiti.  We note that history shows that those involved in anti-corruption campaigns are, at least sometimes, linked to organized crime/ corruption themselves.  The Haitian government needs to show us, through transparency, that they are honest.  Transparency over the mining issue would be a good start.  But, don’t hold your breath.  The fact that Martelly’s own cousin, Richard A. Morse, quit the government, allegedly due to corruption, is pretty damning in our eyes.  See: https://web.archive.org/web/20210305161208/https://www.thestar.com/news/world/2013/04/15/i_left_because_of_corruption_in_the_palace_and_infrastructure_sabotage_why_richard_morse_left_haitis_government.html

So, until there is governmental transparency, we recommend that anyone travelling to Haiti (and many other places) carry a geiger counter with them. Due to cholera, anyone travelling will drink bottled water.  However, eventually, there needs to be testing of teeth; testing of water for gross alpha and beta, radon, radium, total uranium; testing of soil for radioactive elements, and any other appropriate tests, in order to see what is or is not going on in Haiti.