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Implanted Microchip, Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum and The Great Resethttps://youtu.be/UmQNA0HL1pw
The above interview excerpt is 100% authentic and a good translation, for which we can vouch, with one exception: where it is translated “bot” he actually says robot. RTS is the Swiss version of the BBC for the French speaking cantons of Switzerland. That’s their evening anchor, Dairus Rochebin. In the comment section someone wrote: “A German who wrote a book and has plans for the world… What could possibly go wrong?”

The Swiss anchor does bring up the issue of police powers in the original complete interview. In the full interview, Klaus Schwab replies regarding chip implants that we have to get used to total transparency in life, and there will have to be a judiciary system in place to prevent abuses.

See the original RTS 10 Jan 2016 interview in its entirety here (French only): “L’interview de Klaus Schwabhttps://youtu.be/IJcey1PPiIM Interview by Dairus Rochebin on the RTS show “Pardonnez Moi

Schwab sounds more naive than evil in this interview. His ideas and words appear contradictory, however. He claims to believe that humans are essentially good, which actually creates a major trap.

In the comment section Nathalie Camy wrote: “Love, Empathy? What a liar and manipulator. The most influential man in the world is a public danger.” (translation) She wasn’t the only one to call him dangerous, either. Violette436 wonders “why the crazy people don’t stay with their own? Why do they want to IMPOSE their vision of the world on the entire world without their consent?“ (translation)

Wait until his robot butler talks back to him and see how that goes. If the robot butler is as smart alec as a smart phone personal assistant, then the robot may need to be made as solidly as a Swatch. Already smart phones are able to police language. Try cursing around a smart phone with its personal assistant activated and see what happens. Imagine when that is implanted, first in your clothes, then under your skin or in your brain, and you can’t turn it off. We also know that the judiciary system can be corrupt and politicized. We see the sort of unfair policing that social media has been doing, as well.

Apparently a chip implanted in the brain will not only police words but even thoughts. Will people be electro-shocked or arrested for wrong thoughts? Ultimately, people will have to be in a mindless, non-thinking, vegetable like state to avoid wrong thoughts and that is likely an insult to vegetables, since plants are sentient beings.

Klaus Schwab is an engineer and it’s very difficult to get engineers to understand the dangers of technology, even when they have no nefarious intent. It’s very hard to tell from this interview if he is simply naive and optimistic or evil. A well-known phrase in his native German, as well as in English, is “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”. Schwab was raised Protestant, but is apparently an atheist. He doesn’t specify if he was raised Calvinist (Reform) or Lutheran. It’s very hard to believe that someone who was born in 1938 Germany believes that humans are inherently good, as he claims.

Well meaning people who believe that humans are inherently good are almost as dangerous as evil people. In some ways they may be more dangerous, because they (unwittingly) enable evil. And, they push for social systems that cannot work in a world where there is evil. If you doubt that evil has a long history, read the book of Genesis in the Bible.