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The Deputy Administrator of SBA is responsible for the day-to-day management of the agency”, and will be responsible for dispensing a lot of pandemic money, which risks being pandemic pork (metaphorical – Dilawar Syed’s Muslim).

You Will Not Answer The Question”: Rand Paul Grills Biden Nomineehttps://youtu.be/6XTf_Xb5gC4

Biden Pakistani Small Business Administration (SBA) nominee, Dilawar Syed, refused to give information about the PPP loan, which he got for his company, Lumiata. Many companies took the PPP loans, which didn’t really need the money, and, so, there wasn’t enough money for truly needy truly small businesses.

It seems that an IT/AI company focusing on healthcare, like Lumiata, was the least likely to need the PPP loans. And, yet, Lumiata took over half a million dollars. Meanwhile, the funds ran out and were unavailable for those that really needed help. He claims to have since paid the money back, but it was unavailable for others who needed it last year.

After he got the loan, he appears to have expanded into Mexico, which is against the rules, according to US Senator Paul. He denies that this was an expansion and calls the person or persons contractor(s). He claims that the loan saved 24 jobs, but were any Americans? Or were they all foreign born-H1Bs-Green Card holders? At least 15 seem to be foreign workers (H1B-Green card applicants). How is this company benefitting the United States? It looks like it exists simply to funnel in immigrants. The United States has a lot of unemployed IT experts, and even doctors without jobs.

The company claims to be about AI, and apparently in Healthcare. So, shouldn’t they have made more money during the Covid pandemic?

Dilawar Syed says he came 30 years ago, as a student (apparently to avail himself of the 1990 H1B job grab). There’s nothing in his accent that sounds like he has fraternized with anyone apart from upper caste India-Pakistan. There’s not one drop of American in his accent. This suggests that he’s only been around the upper castes/upper classes of India’s subcontinent and has not integrated into broader American society. If he only hires foreigners, this would help explain his failure to incorporate even a tiny bit of American into his accent. There is also little to none of America in his demeanor.

Apparently at least 15 of the 24 Lumiata workers whose jobs were allegedly “saved” by the PPP loans are foreign H1B workers and those seeking green cards. We only know the national origin of those applying for green cards: Iran, India, Singapore. We don’t know the national origins of the others, nor their educational backgrounds. We also do not know how many workers are currently on green cards, after coming in on H1Bs over the 7 years of existence of the company.

Instead of hiring foreigners to teach foreigners to get small (minority) business loans, we need Americans to help African Americans, like George Floyd, to obtain minority small business loans. If the Biden Administration cared about African Americans, then they would hire an African American (ADOS), rather than a Pakistani who hires foreigners.

No surprises Dilawar opposed Trump’s pandemic H1B restrictions: https://abc7news.com/white-house-executive-orders-trump-suspends-h-1-b-h1-b-visa-program-order/6261098/

Why wasn’t Small Business “Cup Foods”, who called the police on George Floyd, owned by George Floyd or another (African) American (ADOS), instead of Palestinian Arab immigrant Mahmoud Abumayyaleh and family? Cup Foods hires its family members, and Biden’s Pakistani nominee hires foreigners for his company. How is this helping Americans?

This is the real racism – importing foreigners en masse to replace Americans. Each time African Americans (ADOS) were given their freedom, the US government chose to import new immigrants en masse, rather than give African Americans a fair chance. This was true after the Civil War, and again, one hundred years later, after the Civil Rights legislation. US immigration policy has doubled the US population since the dawn of the Civil Rights movement, and opportunity for Americans has declined accordingly, and the value of our vote has decreased by half, on average.

Immigration can add spice to life, but ask participants of hot pepper eating contests, who end up in the ER, how eating only spice works out?

Even if this guy really wants to help Americans with small businesses, many won’t be able to understand him. The issue is not even if an immigrant does a job adequately or well, but that there is an American who could have done that job, if offered the chance.

While we were unable to find if Lumiata is registered as a minority small business, it almost certainly is, since Asians, including South Asians, are classified as “minorities” even though they are almost 60% of the entire world.

Regarding Cup Foods, the store that called the police on George Floyd (from ca 1998): “ Samir Abumayyaleh (the Licensee) is the president and 100 percent shareholder of CUP Foods, Inc. The store opened for business on September 1, 1989… The Licensee’s brother Nabil (“Billy”) helps manage the store. Billy has a prior felony conviction for Auto Theft… From the beginning of its operation, CUP Foods has had problems with loitering and drug activity on and near the premises. CUP Foods has also experienced problems with shoplifting, vandalism, theft and forgery. (Licensee at 758-759).https://mn.gov/oah/assets/211012612.fdg_tcm19-159716.pdf

Dilawar Syed says that the PPP loan saved 24 jobs within the United State (11 days after getting the loan he welcomed more worker(s) in Mexico, which he denied are worker(s), saying they are contractor(s). How many non-citizen foreigners work at Lumiata within the United States? Apparently at least 15. However, the rest of the workers may already have their green cards.

Lumiata H1B workers: Data Scientist(7); Data Engineer(4); Software Engineer(1);
Requests for worker based Green Cards: Software Developers (1); Network and Computer Systems Administrators (1); Medical Scientist (1)
The Green Card applicants are from Singapore(1); Iran(1); India(1), who were admitted under H-1B1. Two have computer science degrees and one a degree in medicine: University Of Tennessee Chattanooga(1);University Of Massachusetts(1);Royal College Of Surgeons,Ireland(1) https://archive.is/97RZI

His company, Lumiata, is registered in Biden’s state of Delaware but “which will do business in California”. Delaware is more secretive than California and considered a tax haven, for this reason. Like Holtec’s Kris Singh, he hides behind bogus claims of “proprietary”. In his case, he refuses to give earnings. Kris Singh has taken it to another level and refused to give requested information to the US government about the thin-shell nuclear waste cans.

C3586634    LUMIATA, INC.
Registration Date:
Entity Type:
Agent for Service of Process:


Says he moved here as a student 30 years ago. So, he was almost certainly an early H1B from 1990: https://www.sbc.senate.gov/public/_cache/files/5/7/57387c28-e46f-4616-834e-d7222feee167/CD62D69D4B567675E67913493FAAFE31.syed-testimony.pdf



Includes names of additional directors: https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1617399/000114420417061237/xslFormDX01/primary_doc.xml

Lumiata worker experience: “Zombie Startup and Total Nightmare” Jul 20, 2016 –  https://archive.is/rf0AE

The US government has locked the link to PPP loan database, so we have to look at ProPublica, which may or may not be updated. Loan for at least $563,514

Lumiata is backed by BlueCross BlueShield Venture Partners, Khosla Ventures and Intel Capital.” https://finance.yahoo.com/news/lumiata-ceo-co-leads-plan-180700998.html

Khosla’s father was an officer in the Indian Army and was posted at New Delhi, India. He attended Mount St Mary’s School.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vinod_Khosla

Dilawar is a founder of AAPI, which raised a lot of money, but it’s unclear how it was spent. Not much seems to have gone to candidates.
AAPI 2020: https://www.fec.gov/data/committee/C00712638/
AAPI Victory Fund https://www.fec.gov/data/committee/C00589507/
What is this? They raised a lot of money, but seem to have given little to candidates:
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AAPI_Victory_Fund Where did the money go?

Biden Nominates AAPI Victory Fund Co-chair Dilawar Syed as Deputy Administrator at Small Business Administration” By SUNITA SOHRABJI/India-West Staff Reporter Mar 3, 2021, India West. https://archive.is/hmEkl

Everyone needs to inscribe upon their hearts and minds what US Civil Rights leader A. Philip Randolph said regarding the earlier post Civil War immigration wave:
We favor shutting out the Germans from Germany, the Italians from Italy, the Hindus from India, the Chinese from China, and even the Negroes from the West Indies. This country is suffering from immigrant indigestion. It is time to call a halt on this grand rush for American gold, which over-floods the labor market, resulting in lowering the standard of living, race-riots, and general social degradation. The excessive immigration is against the interests of the masses of all races and nationalities in the country — both foreign and native.” — A. Philip Randolph (1924) https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2021/02/15/immigration-restrictions-helped-lead-to-dr-martin-luther-king-us-civil-rights-success/

Appointing someone who served on an Asian-American Pacific Islander Economic Growth Committee looks like a favoritism SCAM in the making. Why do Asian Americans need someone to help them with economic growth? Where’s the equitable economic recovery? The only “debt” that the United States owes is to those who were enslaved within the United States. There’s nothing equitable about special privileges for Asian Americans, most of whom are relatively new immigrants, and many not even citizens.

From Senator Cardin: “The Deputy Administrator of SBA is responsible for the day-to-day management of the agency, so this position is vital to SBA’s success…. “Filling this position with a qualified nominee is more important than ever because Congress has tasked the SBA with tremendous responsibilities as part of the federal government’s COVID-19 relief effort. “In the past year, SBA has delivered more than $970 billion dollars in aid to small businesses through the Paycheck Protection Program, EIDL, the EIDL Advance grants program, and the small business debt relief program. “And in the coming days and weeks SBA will begin accepting applications for the $16 billion Shuttered Venue Operators Grant program, as well as the $28 billion Restaurant Revitalization Fund. “In total, Congress has charged SBA with disbursing more than $1 trillion in COVID-19 small business aid—more than 10 times SBA’s annual budget during the Fiscal Year prior to the pandemic. “SBA must continue to be a lifeline to small businesses for the remainder of the pandemic, and the agency will be key to ensuring an equitable economic recovery… service as Chair of the White House Initiative on AAPI’s [Asian-American Pacific Islander] Economic Growth Committee during the Obama Administration…https://www.cardin.senate. gov/newsroom/press/release/cardin-says-sba-deputy-administrator-nominee-syeds-business-and-civic-leadership-has-prepared-him-to-lead-sba-in-this-pivotal-moment-
https://capac-chu.house. gov/press-release/capac-applauds-nomination-dilawar-syed-deputy-small-business-administrator (Links intentionally broken – cut, paste and remove space to see original.)