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Radiation Free Lakeland points out: “the orchestrated push to legally overwrite biological sex as is proposed in the US is an act of gross injustice to biological women and girls. Impacts that would result from this are not “equal” and that includes the impacts of radiation. Radiation damage is an issue never raised in this toxic debate on biological sex. The impacts of radiation are far greater on female biology and those impacts cascade down through the generations. To overwrite biological sex is to ignore the increasingly well documented inequality of radiation impacts – to legally overwrite biological sex is a potential license to increase “radiation dose” to the public…
Please read the rest here: https://mariannewildart.wordpress.com/2021/03/04/womens-organizations-uniting-in-opposition-to-the-so-called-equality-act-letter-to-congress/

Radiation damage is also something that should be assessed when examining the impacts of giving opposite sex hormones to young people, and of castration, in the name of “trans” “gender identity”.