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The Nice Terrorist Attack Should Serve as a Wake-Up Call on the Dangers of the Biden-Harris Plan to “Catch & Release” Illegal Migrants; Borders Exist for a Reason, Like Doors in a House.

21 year old Brahim Aouissaoui was known by Tunisian authorities as violent, and as a drug dealer. He recently arrived by boat to Italy and was told by Italian authorities to leave Italy within a week, so went to France instead. There he slit the throats of people in a church in Nice, France.

Prosecutors in Sicily have confirmed to the Guardian that Aouissaoui arrived in Lampedusa on 20 September, then spent 14 days on a quarantine boat before being transferred to Bari on the mainland on 9 October.

The high number of arrivals from Tunisia means repatriation procedures from Italy are often delayed. Instead, Tunisians are frequently given an “exit slip”, requiring them to leave Italy within seven days. Aouissaoui had received such an order but, like many, travelled illegally to France.https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/oct/29/nice-church-attacker-identified-as-21-year-old-tunisian-man

Prior to Schengen, free movement of people, this would have been much more difficult. Certainly with no passport, he wouldn’t have been allowed to enter France, as he did. Borders and passports exist for a reason, just like doors in a house. In the United States he might have passed for a 17 year old, which would make him a minor under US law and a “child” according to the media. It is doubtful that there is even one American 17 year old who would consider themselves a child, and not get angry when called one. But, the media won’t let facts get in the way of their agenda.

Like the United States, France has many multi-generational poor people, including minorities, who need to be given opportunity and better integrated into French society. Both Europe and the USA need to put the people who already live there first, and stop with the quasi open borders. Violent and non-violent criminals exist in all countries, which is one reason people have always been suspicious of strangers (xenophobic), up until recently. The other reason for suspicion of strangers is that, historically, criminals tended to be banished from towns or countries, or self-banished to escape the law.

The man who recently beheaded the teacher in suburban Paris, like the Boston bomber, was a refugee from Chechnya.

Islamic terrorists don’t have the monopoly on beheadings: “Mexican drug traffickers have begun videotaping their killings and carrying out beheadings, like Iraqi insurgents, as warnings.” https://www.theguardian.com/media/2007/apr/03/digitalmedia.internationalnews
Beheadings and knife killings go far back into human history.

Illegal migrant, Brahim Issaoui [Aouissaoui], arrived by boat from Tunisia; was caught by Italian authorities and told to go home within a week. Tunisian authorities said he has a criminal record of drug dealing and violent behavior. He told his brother that he had gone to France because “the work was better” there. See: “Church attack in Nice: What we know so farhttps://archive.vn/RmJR5

As for the United States (sounds good for the EU, too): “the best way to prevent the overwhelming number of migrants entering illegally who are never going to be granted asylum (because they fail to appear, never file those applications, or their applications are denied) from remaining in the United States is to prevent them from ever entering to begin with, or by detaining them until their asylum claims are heard (which section 235(b)(1)(B)(ii) of the INA requires, but which rarely occurs). That is what the president was referencing in the debate when he stated “we get rid of catch and release”, which the administration has done to some degree, through such administrative programs as the Migrant Protection Protocols (“MPP” or “Remain in Mexico”) and the “third-country transit bar” (which requires migrants to the United States to apply for protection in the first safe country they come to before applying for asylum in the United States). Biden vows to end both, and several more.” https://cis.org/Arthur/Trump-vs-Biden-Debate-Credible-Fear-NoShows

French Authorities Identify Suspect in Deadly Knife Attack
By VOA News
Updated October 29, 2020 05:13 PM
French authorities have identified the suspect in a knife attack that left three dead in the southern city of Nice.

The suspect has been identified as Brahim Aouissaoui, a 21-year-old Tunisian.

According to the BBC and Reuters, Aouissaoui arrived by boat on the Italian island of Lampedusa in September. After being released from a coronavirus quarantine, he was told to leave Italy. He reportedly arrived in France earlier this month.

Aouissaoui was not on Tunisia’s list of suspected militants and was not known to French intelligence services, Reuters said.

The attack is being treated as an act of terrorism, and France has raised its national security alert to the highest level.

Officials say the attack took place Thursday morning at Nice’s Notre Dame Basilica. Two people died inside the church, officials say, with at least one reportedly decapitated. A third person, who was severely wounded, managed to flee the church but died shortly after. 

Separately, police shot dead a man armed with a knife in the southern French city of Avignon. And in Saudi Arabia, a man was arrested after wounding a guard in front of the French consulate in Jeddah. 

Nice Mayor Christian Estrosi characterized the attack in his city as a terrorist incident. He said it was again the victim of what he called “Islamo-fascism.” He said the suspect, taken to a hospital after being wounded during a police arrest, did not stop saying “Allah Akbar” during his detention. 

The attack comes as France prepares to enter a new coronavirus lockdown — and after two other recent knifings, also blamed on radical Islamists and linked to controversial cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. The knifings include the beheading of French school teacher Samuel Paty outside Paris. 

More broadly, it appears to mark the latest in a raft of Islamic terrorist attacks to hit France in recent years — including a 2016 jihadist attack in Nice. 

President Emmanuel Macron’s recent defense of the cartoons depicting Islam’s Prophet Muhammad in the name of free speech has sparked protests and boycotts in a number of Muslim countries. Many Muslims are deeply offended by the cartoons. But here in France, thousands of people have rallied in favor of free expression, including several prominent Muslim leaders. 

France’s National Assembly observed a moment of silence for the latest attack victims, and French Muslim leaders urged the faithful to cancel Thursday’s Mawled celebrations marking the Islamic prophet’s birthday. European and other governments have also sent messages of condolence and condemnation of the Nice attacks“. https://www.voanews.com/europe/french-authorities-identify-suspect-deadly-knife-attack

The third victim has not been named. She was a 60-year-old woman who had gone to the Notre-Dame basilica early Thursday morning to pray when she was brutally attacked inside the church. Police sources said she had her throat deeply cut and the killer appeared “determined to decapitate her”. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/oct/29/parishioners-remember-sexton-killed-in-nice-terror-attacks

Deputy of the French parliament, Eric Ciotti points out that the terrorist, shot by police, may be taking an intensive care hospital bed needed by a Coronavirus victim. Eric Ciotti @ECiotti “Sentiment étrange et malaise à l’idée que peut être demain le barbare islamiste de Nice admis en réanimation prenne la place d’un malade du Coronavirus”. https://twitter.com/ECiotti/status/1321918746676600837

Eric Ciotti @ECiotti: “L’assaillant de l’attentat de Nice est un tunisien arrivé il y a très peu de temps par Lampedusa. Avec la crise sanitaire et sécuritaire, plus aucune entrée ne doit être tolérée ! Suspendons toutes les procédures d’asile et la délivrance de visa depuis les pays à risque!https://twitter.com/ECiotti/status/1321799247528890368

White House on Catch and Release: https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/need-know-catch-release/

Macron says France is under attack after knife attackhttps://youtu.be/LPKRyRzRmfI