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To call Paul Singer-Elliott a vulture is an insult to vultures, who are useful creatures and act as nature’s sanitation workers. However, it gets the point across.

Activist Investor Paul Singer: Five Acquisition Targets of ‘The Vulturehttps://youtu.be/9__2s1g_jVI

Singer on Intimidating CEOs and Knocking on Open Doors https://youtu.be/182oEzI7rY8

Derrick Van Orden’s Dirty Moneyhttps://youtu.be/6MZ_I62h5hc

Who benefits most from unpayable onerous debt, chaos and collapse? Predator hedge funds, like that of activist investor Paul Singer and his Elliott Management, who now reportedly exercise a lot of power at CNN parent AT&T and Twitter. And organized crime-mafias and gang members.

Paul Singer supported Rubio in 2016. He also funded initial oppositional research against Trump. Although he eventually gave money to Trump’s inauguration, we find no evidence of him supporting Trump. On the contrary, CNN appears to be more anti-Trump since Singer imposed himself upon CNN parent AT&T.

It was apparently under pressure by him that AT&T is outsourcing American jobs to India H1B visa workers, putting America last:
Tucker Carlson Tonight’ investigates: Are US companies putting Americans lasthttps://youtu.be/ENkedhRsOCU

Anti-American Sold Out Companies

Twitter and activist investor agree on truce to keep Jack Dorsey as chief

Less than two months after buying $3.2 billion of AT&T stock, Elliott got AT&T to agree to “cut costs, bring on two new board members, and review portfolio companies.” Senator Schumer’s brother, Robert Schumer, served as legal counsel for Elliott Management “in some of its most prominent deals and campaigns to shake up large companies, including oil and gas Schumer stopped having Elliott as an official client supposedly because a new partner, Scott Barshay “had clients that didn’t appreciate the firm’s association with Elliott”. See: “Meet Bob Schumer, the lawyer who helped Adam Neumann secure a $1.7 billion exit package that infuriated some WeWork employees” Casey Sullivan – October 30, 2019 https://archive.vn/E8bDI Business Insider

Schumer’s brother, Robert, worked for Singer for years, as well as for at least one coal company. Robert Schumer also serves on the Judicial Selection Committee of Senator Chuck Schumer https://archive.vn/5VyeGCapital Public Law Report: How Schumer screens for U.S. attorney” By COLBY HAMILTON 03/06/2015, Politico https://archive.vn/gaSWP See page 7: https://iaals.du.edu/sites/default/files/documents/publications/federal_judicial_screening_committees_8-17.pdf

Singer should be considered a major suspect in the apparent attempt to crash the US economy and create Civil War by importing endless streams of foreigners to take the jobs of Americans, even during the pandemic, among other things (e.g. possible funder of BLM protestors-rioters). Singer puts a lot of money behind LGBT and members of the LGBT ”community” founded BLM.

The $3.5 billion “Heroes Act”, which would harm US workers by legalizing illegal workers, and create such a heavy debt burden that the US would likely lose its existing social welfare net through structural adjustment and/or taxes double, is being pushed in the Senate by Schumer who lies and refuses to compromise.

After Schumer lied about the most recent Republican bill, we realized that he must be connected to Paul Singer. And, sure enough, we were right. Senator Schumer, and even Sanders, misled the public about an innovative cleanup program which, among other things, extracts rare earth metals from the acid leach constantly discharged from the many abandoned coal mines. This is a major environmental problem and financial burden for governments. Right now, the US is highly dependent upon China for rare earth metals, and they are needed for some surgical equipment, as well as many other things. The Republican bill was short and the Dems could easily negotiate to change a few points, if needed. Instead they opt to mislead the public in a manner, which is frankly shocking.

The US has already passed several costly Covid-19 related bills. The so-called “Heroes” Act would create an odious debt burden, which could allow Paul Singer and/or his ilk to bleed and destroy the country, as in Argentina.

Executive Order on Aligning Federal Contracting and Hiring Practices With the Interests of American Workers“, Issued on: August 3, 2020 https://archive.vn/rmMMF

Behind every successful activist, there is a lawyer by Jessica Toonkel, Soyoung Kim DEALS AUGUST 5, 2013, Reuters Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP attorneys Robert Schumer and Steven Williams have Elliott Management as a major clienthttps://archive.vn/eUNg4

Robert Schumer and Steven Williams of Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison are providing counsel to Elliott…”. “The Deal: Elliott Management Bids $3B For Riverbed” CHRIS NOLTERJAN 8, 2014 5:54 PM EST https://archive.vn/viiPX

Elliott Management and Hess Settle Proxy Battle, May 2013
The Paul, Weiss team included corporate partners Robert Schumerhttps://archive.vn/qRLzj

Elliott Management and Iron Mountain Reach Settlement, April 2011
The Paul, Weiss team advising Elliott Management included corporate partners Robert B. Schumer https://archive.vn/SmDM8

Elliott Management and Compuware Reach Agreement” Jan 2014 “The Paul, Weiss team included corporate partners Jeffrey Marell and Robert Schumer; …https://archive.vn/1S4G0

AT&T survived round one with activist hedge fund Elliott. Now, the company has to fill a board seat and weigh spin-offs under the fund’s close watch” Oct 27 2019. https://archive.vn/Yr02I

AT &T Decides Not To Make Paul Singer Angry JON SHAZAR OCT 31, 2019, DealBreaker https://archive.vn/Xfsi9

Anti-Trump Dossier Original Funder Paul Singer an Open Borders Establishment Republican Billionaire“, IAN MASON27 Oct 2017 https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2017/10/27/anti-trump-dossier-original-funder-paul-singer-an-open-borders-establishment-republican-billionaire/

Notorious hedge fund-activist investor Paul Singer-Elliott investment previously took aim at CNNs new CEO, Stankey, as explained here:
AT&T C.E.O. to Stay Another Year After Challenge From Activist Fund” By Edmund Lee Published Oct. 28, 2019 Updated Oct. 29, 2019. “The investment group had also taken aim at John Stankey, the head of WarnerMedia whose elevation to chief operating officer of AT&T this month put him in line to succeed Mr. Stephenson… Of the likelihood that Mr. Stankey will succeed him, Mr. Stephenson said, “If he executes on this plan over the coming years, he obviously has to be one of the primary candidates on the list.” https://web.archive.org/web/20200618233139/https://www.nytimes.com/2019/10/28/business/dealbook/att-earnings-elliott-management.html

Twitter and activist investor agree on truce to keep Jack Dorsey as chief

In October 2015, before the official start of the 2016 Republican primary campaign, the founders of Fusion GPS were seeking political work and wrote an email to “a big conservative donor they knew who disliked Trump, [and] they were hired”. He arranged for them to use The Washington Free Beacon, an American conservative political journalism website, for their general opposition research on several Republican presidential candidates, including Trump.[46][47] It is primarily funded by Republican donor Paul Singer.[47] The Free Beacon and Singer were “part of the conservative never-Trump movement”.[48]

Early in their investigation, they received help from investigative reporter Wayne Barrett, who gave them his files on Trump. They contained findings about “Trump’s past dealings, including tax and bankruptcy problems, potential ties to organized crime, and numerous legal entanglements. They also revealed that Trump had an unusually high number of connections to Russians with questionable backgrounds.”[46]

For months, Fusion GPS gathered information about Trump, focusing on his business and entertainment activities. When Trump became the presumptive nominee on May 3, 2016,[49] the conservative donor stopped funding the research on him.[8][50]

Paul Singer gave big to American Patriots PAC (at least $300,000), according to the FEC. Singer apparently pays Republicans to change their immigration stance, LBGT stance, and other matters near to his heart. He doesn’t have to pay the Dems because they already mostly agree. Additionally, he seems to pay to undermine the first amendment right to boycott, because he opposes the BDS movement. See: “Dan Crenshaw Betrays Constituents, Comes Out in Favor of Mass Immigration and Demographic Shift Crenshaw has been caught flip-flopping.” By Shane Trejo Published Nov 7, 2019 https://web.archive.org/web/20200609220129/https://bigleaguepolitics.com/dan-crenshaw-betrays-constituents-comes-out-in-favor-of-mass-immigration-and-demographic-shift/

American Patriots PAC Launches $100,000 Ad Buy Supporting American Hero Dan Crenshawhttps://archive.vn/58Mgn

Paul Singer chooses to back certain Republicans in primaries. In 2016 he backed Rubio, and never backed Trump— presumably because Trump promised to fix the H1B visa system and put Americans First. Singer wins some and loses some. His son, Gordon, who runs Elliott Advisors in the UK gave $2800 to Biden (see fec.gov). Whether the Singers put serious money behind Biden or Trump likely won’t be known until too late or almost too late.

Gregory Murphy NC-03 Campaign Calls PAC’s Attack Ad ‘Full of Lies’By MICHAEL PATRICK LEAHY https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/06/05/gregory-murphy-nc-03-campaign-calls-pacs-attack-ad-full-of-lies/

Establishment Loses Big: Dr. Greg Murphy Wins GOP Nomination in North Carolina Special Election https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/07/09/establishment-loses-big-dr-greg-murphy-wins-gop-nomination-in-north-carolina-special-election/

Derrick Van Orden’s Dirty Moneyhttps://youtu.be/6MZ_I62h5hc

CEO apparently tried to counter intimidate Singer: “The full text of Arconic CEO Klaus Kleinfeld’s letter to Elliott Management’s Paul Singer” — Quartz https://web.archive.org/web/20200827185051/https://qz.com/965548/the-full-text-of-arconic-ceo-klaus-kleinfelds-letter-to-elliott-managements-paul-singer/

Trump slams Wall Street ‘rich guys’ who bet against stock market
By Noah Manskar https://nypost.com/2020/05/13/trump-slams-wall-street-rich-guys-who-bet-against-stock-market/