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It’s very important to listen to what the Atlanta Mayor says, as well as to the Police and Fire Chiefs. That part of the video is the first 40 minutes.
Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms speaks after day of protests that were followed by violence

Link: https://youtu.be/7sPootBmNZ0

Atlanta Mayor Issues 9 pm curfew
Link: https://youtu.be/LC-fbj25nHY

What the Mayor says is true. Most Civil Rights activists were indeed highly trained, disciplined, organized, and there was planning. Even Rosa Parks was trained at the Highlander Folk School. She didn’t just spontaneously decide to sit down, though the earlier Baton Rouge bus boycott seems to have been more spontaneous. Martin Luther King studied the Baton Rouge boycott. And, local activists generally do know each other, because they are few in number. In the Civil Rights period outsiders were invited in, but these rioters-agent provocateurs were apparently not invited in. And, the police chief says it like it is: these are violent “anarchists” whose goal is simply to destroy, who apparently spread themselves out amongst legitimate protestors.

Mayor Keisha Bottoms also mentions how it seems like the same play-book as the run-up to the 2016 elections.

Check out the video of mostly white protestors – in a majority African American city – lined up and throwing fireworks at police.

Police in Atlanta fire tear gas in second nights of protests

Link: https://youtu.be/GDcpM8btzXw

The “protestors” were throwing fireworks at the police and the police were trying to enforce the curfew. An almost entirely white lineup of “protestors” is facing off the police in a majority African American city.

Later, someone on an ATV sped through the bicycle police lineup and injured a police officer. Rioters destroying the CNN building on Friday night is a big hint, too: Only Trump benefits from this destruction and anarchy.

Remember that Derek Chauvin worked a second job at the same club as the man he murdered (George Floyd). Chauvin reportedly had a short temper. So, what set him off? They apparently made good money. This seems to have been a set-up of some kind. Possibly the person who called police about the supposedly fake $20 bill was in on it. Pity those still in the USA by October. We aren’t even June. Trump not only let Covid-19 spread without taking timely action, he encourages people to spread it, meaning benefits from quasi shutting down the economy will be lost. No surprises that someone at an Ozark pool party, last weekend, just tested positive for Covid-19 and everyone who partied there is asked to self-quarantine (but they probably won’t).

Protest is supposed to involve planning and training. Normally you ask for a parade permit and there should be protest group members assigned to security-protecting the group on each end of the line. You can be trained in non-violent resistance, too. If you want to engage in spontaneous protest, then you need to have organized, planned, and trained ahead. Violent “anarchist” rioters undermine legitimate protests, and have for many years. These aren’t philosophical anarchists, these are anarchists as in destructive chaos. They even attacked the American Cancer Society building.

And, you can be almost certain that these white “anarchists” descend from the “white European peasants”, discussed by Martin Luther King, who were imported into the United States after the Civil War and given free land to farm in the Midwest and West, land grant colleges to teach them to farm, while African Americans newly freed from slavery were mostly left with nothing at all. Not satisfied with having been given everything on a silver platter, these offspring of the white European peasants have come to destroy majority black Atlanta – Martin Luther King’s hometown. The post-Civil war white European peasants discussed by King are distinct from earlier white immigrants, who were often sent to the United States by force, when it was a prison colony for the UK.

From the Tennessee marker about the school:
2E 75
In 1932, Myles Horton and Don West founded Highlander Folk School… It quickly became one of the few schools in the South committed to the cause of organized labor, economic justice, and an end to racial segregation. Courses included labor issues, literacy, leadership, and non-violent desegregation strategies, with workshops led by Septima Clark. The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, John Lewis, and Eleanor Roosevelt found inspiration for the modern civil rights movement there. Opponents of its causes tried to close the school…
” Read more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Highlander_Research_and_Education_Center
Update note: We recently listened to an interview with Dr. King, where he says that he visited the Highlander Folk School and spoke there for about an hour, but didn’t study there.