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Comment by Apr 27 2020, at 11:59 PM ET:
Three Mile Island Nuclear Station, Unit No. 2; Consideration of Approval of Transfer of License and Conforming Amendmenthttps://www.regulations.gov/document?D=NRC-2020-0082-0001

Comment submitted to the NRC by a nearby resident:
Hello, i am commenting on Docket ID NRC-2020-0082. i am a resident of middletown pa. and have lived in middletown prior to the 1979 accident / near meltdown at TMI unit 2. i have been active in civic, community, Church and school functions/activities/programs to enhance the daily life activities of the middletown area for more then 40 years.

The request by ENERGY SOLUTIONS to transfer the unit 2 license sounds to me to be very novel. i am referring to the uniqueness of this request when we review the historical national scope of decontaminating and dismantling in the united states of nuclear power plants.

This current request by ENERGY SOLUTIONS needs extremely careful review by the NRC and also possibly a US HOUSE and US SENATE oversight committee staff review.

The NRC must be very careful how ratepayer funds called the TRUST FUND are maneuvered by the private sector. Especially since this particular category has ALWAYS been underfunded by low industry estimates of what is needed to complete ALL the work safely and successfully to restore an island in the middle of a natural resource, the susquehanna river, available “for other uses”.

If the NRC chooses to NOT utilize much needed federal LEGISLATIVE oversight, mentioned above, the practical experience, financial resources and promises of “efficiencies” of TMI 2 SOLUTIONS must be seriously examined related to TMI UNIT 2.

If TMI UNIT 1 is allegedly not going to be fully decommissioned until 2078, what type of uses could the “cleaned up” TMI unit 2 site realistically be utilized for? UNIT 2 is directly adjacent to UNIT 1. ENERGY SOLUTIONS-TMI2 SOLUTIONS indicate decommisioning will occur in TMI UNIT 2 by 2037 making the site ” available for other uses decades ahead of schedule”.

i remember NRC consultants immediately after the 1979 accident/near meltdown telling the middletown area public that cleanup of tmi unit 2 was very possible. Then in the 1980’s the NRC consultants said, there are some issues here at TMI that have never been completed on such a scale and it will take awhile. i am one of many citizens that felt TMI UNIT 2 needed to be safely cleaned up BEFORE any discussion of the resuming of operation of TMI UNIT 1 is considered.

The NRC needs to evaluate this request for transfer of the UNIT 2 license in regards to ratepayers, local citizens concerns and about each “efficiency” the proposed owner cites will allegedly occur.

In summary, i am requesting the NRC ask for federal legislative oversight/review of this request and consultation with the Pa. Public Utility Commission because of the uniqueness of the request by ENERGY SOLUTIONS.

After appropriate federal /state oversight is utilized, the NRC would use those findings to assist in an agency serious and intensive review of the “efficiencies ” that ENERGY SOLUTIONS claims can occur based of their practical current experience and deep financial resources that are required to complete this important activity in a safe, successful and lasting manner.
don Hossler middletown pa 17057
” Emphasis our own. Original comment found here: https://www.regulations.gov/document?D=NRC-2020-0082-0002

See concerns raised by PA Dept of Environmental Protection here: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2020/04/25/pennsylvania-dept-of-environmental-protection-raises-concerns-re-three-mile-island-nuclear-station-license-transfer-nrc-comment-deadline-april-27-2020-11-59-pm-et/