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From VOA News:
Pete Buttigieg Drops Out of Democratic Presidential Race
By VOA News Updated March 01, 2020 07:15 PM
Former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttigieg is giving up his hopes of winning the White House in 2020.

Buttigieg’s campaign announced Sunday evening he is dropping out of the Democratic presidential race after a disappointing fourth-place finish in Saturday’s South Carolina primary, in which he won no delegates.

Buttigieg took off like a roman candle after he narrowly won the Iowa caucuses last month and finished a very close second in the New Hampshire primary.

But his message of moderation and unity along with his lack of a familiar name were soon overwhelmed by Bernie Sanders’ aggressive style and [so-called] “progressive” ideas and Joe Biden’s experience and support from African Americans.

But at age 38, Buttigieg is young and has made a name for himself in Democratic circles, meaning he is unlikely to return to political obscurity.

Meanwhile, Biden, the easy winner in South Carolina faces an immediate new challenge from Sanders in this week’s Super Tuesday when 14 states hold primaries with more than 33% of the delegates up for grabs.

Biden, in three runs for the presidency, had never won a primary election until Saturday. But pre-election surveys show that Sanders, a self-declared democratic socialist, is handily leading in California, where the most delegates to the party’s midsummer national presidential nominating convention are at stake in the next round of voting.

The polling shows Biden ahead in seven of the states with Tuesday contests, Sanders in six and Sen. Amy Klobuchar in the lead in her home state of Minnesota.

“It’s going to be very hard to make up ground in California,” Biden acknowledged Sunday on ABC News’s This Week. But he said, “I feel very good where it’s going” in other states, adding that he’s “not even certain” that he will be trailing Sanders in the overall convention delegate count after the Tuesday voting.

Biden declared that he can beat Republican President Donald Trump in November’s national election and “bring along (Democratic) candidates and win the Senate” that is now controlled by Republicans.

Also, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s name will appear on the ballots for the first time… 
Some national Democratic figures have voiced concern that Sanders, who has called for a government-run national health care system and an end to the private insurance plans now used by most Americans to help pay their medical bills, would turn off voters with his left-wing political views and lead to Trump’s reelection to a second White House term…

The mounting count of delegates to the national party convention is all important. The state-by-state Democratic primary contests award national convention representation based on the vote counts in the primary elections and caucuses, but candidates only win any delegates if they reach a 15% threshold in a given state.

Current projections show Sanders possibly reaching the national convention with a plurality of the delegate votes, but not a majority on the first ballot.

Sanders has argued that if he is close to a majority, the other Democratic  candidates should unite behind his candidacy, while Biden and other presidential aspirants have contended that the convention should then move to a second ballot where superdelegates (mostly party officials and elected Democratic officials) would be allowed to vote, allowing them to possibly deny Sanders the nomination.

Bloomberg, whose business information company has made him the 12th richest person in the world, has spent upwards of $400 million of his own money on his campaign. But by choice he skipped the voting in the first four primary contests.

Polling shows Bloomberg has some support for the Democratic presidential nomination race heading into the Tuesday voting, but often trailing both Sanders and Biden.

Other contenders are also looking for a breakthrough in the new contests, including Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Klobuchar, all of whom have had key moments in the spotlight during a lengthy run of debates among the Democratic challengers. But current polling shows none of the three would reach the Milwaukee convention among the leaders in the count of pledged delegates.

In the South Carolina vote, Biden won nearly 50% of the vote. Sanders was in a distant second place, with 19%. Tom Steyer, a billionaire and philanthropist who has invested substantial time and money campaigning in South Carolina, was in third place, with 11% of the vote, but after the result became known, ended his campaign” See the original article in its entirety: https://www.voanews.com/usa/us-politics/pete-buttigieg-drops-out-democratic-presidential-race

Buttigieg’s father, who is Maltese, did a new translation of Antonio Gramsci’s prison notebooks. It may be a new selective translation of the notebooks, as there are apparently many notebooks, as well as several translations already. But, WTF? Marxist translator?! So, it’s maybe good that he is out. His homosexuality was probably a liability, but that his father translated the notebooks of a noted Marxist could also be a liability! Perhaps it had anti-Marxist annotations – we don’t know. But, it seems like Trump would have had a field day with this, just as he will if Bernie is the candidate. Malta, by the way, is one of the most Christian countries in the world! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Buttigieg