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It would be hard to find someone more opposite to Trump than Huey Long. Trump seems to be a dirty everything coup, including by Big Oil and pipeline companies. Huey Long opposed them, and got impeached for his efforts. Pelosi refuses to impeach Trump. Huey Long heirs need to sue the so-called journalists who pretend that Trump is similar to Long.

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By the Long Legacy Project, http://www.HueyLong.com:

In 1929, Standard Oil’s legislative allies led an unsuccessful attempt to remove Huey Long from the governorship on a variety of charges, ranging from serious to comical. He was impeached in the House but avoided conviction in the Senate.

In order to finance his building and social programs, Huey called a special session of the legislature to enact a 5 cent-per-barrel tax on the production of refined oil. The bill was met with a storm of opposition from the state’s big oil interests, and opponents in the legislature moved to impeach Huey on charges ranging from misuse of state funds to using “abusive language.”

Huey responded with a statewide campaign to make his case that Standard Oil and his political opponents were conspiring to retake state government using the trumped-up charges against him. He asserted that legislators had been offered as much…

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