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No one dared to correct Melania Trump? The Empress with no clothes? Where is the definite article “the”? In what language is “be best” correct? Apparently both Slovenian and Russian. American English has been in free-fall for at least 50 years. We don’t need more language destruction. We don’t need this woman running around spreading more illiteracy. How can anyone take the rest of this campaign seriously? Why has no one corrected her? It’s an embarrassment.


Be Best’: does Melania Trump’s oddly named initiative break the laws of grammar? A Guardian copy editor unpacks the central grammatical flaw in the first lady’s new campaign. Is this [the] best the White House can do?” Tim Hill Tue 8 May 2018 20.32 BST https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/may/08/be-best-melania-trump-initiative-grammatical-flaw

Tina “Simply the Best” Link: https://youtu.be/SvCyFHWBUlc