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Many of those named are connected to the Russia investigation. Links to documents may be found at the original.

US “House Judiciary Committee Unveils Investigation into Threats Against the Rule of Law Mar 4, 2019 Investigation will extend to allegations of corruption, obstruction, and abuses of power. Washington, D.C. – Today, House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) unveiled an investigation by the House Judiciary Committee into the alleged obstruction of justice, public corruption, and other abuses of power by President Trump, his associates, and members of his Administration.  As a first step, the Committee has served document requests to 81 agencies, entities, and individuals believed to have information relevant to the investigation. 

“Over the last several years, President Trump has evaded accountability for his near-daily attacks on our basic legal, ethical, and constitutional rules and norms,” said Chairman Jerrold Nadler. 

“Investigating these threats to the rule of law is an obligation of Congress and a core function of the House Judiciary Committee.  We have seen the damage done to our democratic institutions in the two years that the Congress refused to conduct responsible oversight. 

Congress must provide a check on abuses of power. 

Equally, we must protect and respect the work of Special Counsel Mueller, but we cannot rely on others to do the investigative work for us.  Our work is even more urgent after senior Justice Department officials have suggested that they may conceal the work of the Special Counsel’s investigation from the public.

“We have sent these document requests in order to begin building the public record.  The Special Counsel’s office and the Southern District of New York are aware that we are taking these steps. 

We will act quickly to gather this information, assess the evidence, and follow the facts where they lead with full transparency with the American people.  This is a critical time for our nation, and we have a responsibility to investigate these matters and hold hearings for the public to have all the facts.  That is exactly what we intend to do.”

The Committee’s investigation will cover three main areas:
* Obstruction of Justice, including the possibility of interference by the President and others in a number of criminal investigations and other official proceedings, as well as the alleged cover-up of violations of the law;

* Public Corruption, including potential violations of the emoluments clauses of the U.S. Constitution, conspiracy to violate federal campaign and financial reporting laws, and other criminal misuses of official positions for personal gain; and
* Abuses of Power, including attacks on the press, the judiciary, and law enforcement agencies; misuse of the pardon power and other presidential authorities; and attempts to misuse the power of the Office of the Presidency.
A list of individuals served with document requests today can be found here
and below, with links to their respective letters:

1. Alan Garten (letter, document requests)
2. Alexander Nix (letter, document requests)
3. Allen Weisselberg (letter, document requests)
4. American Media Inc (letter, document requests)
5. Anatoli Samochornov (letter, document requests)
6. Andrew Intrater (letter, document requests)
7. Annie Donaldson (letter, document requests)
8. Brad Parscale (letter, document requests)
9. Brittany Kaiser (letter, document requests)
10. Cambridge Analytica (letter, document requests)
11. Carter Page (letter, document requests)
12. Columbus Nova (letter, document requests)
13. Concord Management and Consulting (letter, document requests)
14. Corey Lewandowski (letter, document requests)
15. David Pecker (letter, document requests)
16. Department of Justice (letter, document requests)
17. Don McGahn (letter, document requests)
18. Donald J Trump Revocable Trust (letter, document requests)
19. Donald Trump Jr. (letter, document requests)
20. Dylan Howard (letter, document requests)
21. Eric Trump (letter, document requests)
22. Erik Prince (letter, document requests)
23. Federal Bureau of Investigation (letter, document requests)
24. Felix Sater (letter, document requests)
25. Flynn Intel Group (letter, document requests)
26. General Services Administration (letter, document requests)
27. George Nader (letter, document requests)
28. George Papadopoulos (letter, document requests)
29. Hope Hicks (letter, document requests)
30. Irakly Kaveladze (letter, document requests)
31. Jared Kushner (letter, document requests)
32. Jason Maloni (letter, document requests)
33. Jay Sekulow (letter, document requests)
34. Jeff Sessions (letter, document requests)
35. Jerome Corsi (letter, document requests)
36. John Szobocsan (letter, document requests)
37. Julian Assange (letter, document requests)
38. Julian David Wheatland (letter, document requests)
39. Keith Davidson (letter, document requests)
40. KT McFarland (letter, document requests)
41. Mark Corallo (letter, document requests)
42. Matt Tait (letter, document requests)
43. Matthew Calamari (letter, document requests)
44. Michael Caputo (letter, document requests)
45. Michael Cohen (letter, document requests)
46. Michael Flynn (letter, document requests)
47. Michael Flynn Jr (letter, document requests)
48. Paul Erickson (letter, document requests)
49. Paul Manafort (letter, document requests)
50. Peter Smith (Estate) (letter, document requests)
51. Randy Credico (letter, document requests)
52. Reince Priebus (letter, document requests)
53. Rhona Graff (letter, document requests)
54. Rinat Akhmetshin (letter, document requests)
55. Rob Goldstone (letter, document requests)
56. Roger Stone (letter, document requests)
57. Ronald Lieberman (letter, document requests)
58. Sam Nunberg (letter, document requests)
59. SCL Group Limited (letter, document requests)
60. Sean Spicer (letter, document requests)
61. Sheri Dillon (letter, document requests)
62. Stefan Passantino (letter, document requests)
63. Steve Bannon (letter, document requests)
64. Ted Malloch (letter, document requests)
65. The White House (letter, document requests)
66. Trump Campaign (letter, document requests)
67. Trump Foundation (letter, document requests)
68. Trump Organization (letter, document requests)
69. Trump Transition (letter, document requests)
70. Viktor Vekselberg (letter, document requests)
71. Wikileaks (letter, document requests)
72. 58th Presidential Inaugural Committee (letter, document requests)
73. Christopher Bancroft Burnham (letter, document requests)
74. Frontier Services Group (letter, document requests)
75. J.D. Gordon (letter, document requests)
76. Kushner Companies (letter, document requests)
77. NRA (letter, document requests)
78. Rick Gates (letter, document requests)
79. Tom Barrack (letter, document requests)
80. Tom Bossert (letter, document requests)
81. Tony Fabrizio (letter, document requests)

For two years, in the absence of responsible oversight by the Republican Majority, House Judiciary Committee Democrats wrote over one hundred letters to the White House, the Administration, and House Republican Leadership documenting the failings of the Trump Administration and demanding accountability.
The 115th Congress report is available here.https://jerroldnadler.house.gov/components/redirect/r.aspx?ID=470988-70880848